Date: Sept 21, 2022

Quarter: Q2

Chair: Craig Newman 

Scribe: Danny Wise 

Discussion items

90 min.Helios Update Craig Newman
  • Craig provided an overview of Helios
    • Helios launched as a FHIR accelerator during Sept. 2021 WGM
      • joint sponsorship from ONC and CDC
      • recognizing that FHIR adoption has been minimal in the Public Health space
    • ensure Public Health is informed and involved in discussions about data access and modernization (while minimizing burden and cost for all stakeholders)
    • initial scope intended to be accomplishable within a year
    • prioritize and address Public Health-specific deviations for FHIR
    • initial ideas for initiatives were gathered and curated into 3 priority areas for 2022:
      • deliver aggregate information to Public Health
        • reviewing existing standards (e.g., SANER, DEQM, Measures / MeasureReports)
      • making data in Public Health systems accessible in bulk
        • focusing on immunization data in IIS
        • will evaluate / develop guidance how existing Bulk FHIR IG can be applied to Public Health
        • discussing how to identify and authorize cohorts of patients to query
        • also how to deal with matching issues (e.g., no match, multiple matches)
      • align / optimize Public Health data sharing
        • potential to leverage key paradigms from other FHIR use cases (e.g., RESTful APIs, messaging, subscriptions)
        • goal is to create content that can help jurisdictions broadly
    • no formal membership structure / fees at this time
  • the same "usual suspect" jurisdictions typically participate in HL7 work – there are challenges (including funding) for engaging others
    • HL7 education for those other jurisdictions will be important
    • potential for creating a tool to help jurisdictions assess business needs and suggest how FHIR might help
  • participation (including as pilot implementations) wanted!
  • Craig also reviewed a presentation slide deck for CDC's Public Health FHIR Implementation Collaborative
    • focused on education and initial FHIR use cases specific to STLT operations
    • "pre-cursor" work in tandem with Helios