Date: Sept 20, 2022

Quarter: Q4

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Discussion items

Misc topics
  • MedMorph updates (20 mins)
    • HL7 Public Health Update Sept 2022 WG meeting final.pptx 
    • Aiming to publish the content IGs later in the fall
      • Cancer reporting, healthcare surveys and research
        • The Cancer IG will be reviewed Thursday Q2
    • Also developing a Roadmap document
    • Reference Architecture IG is in the publication process
    • Completing a real-world pilot test (hepatitis) and short-term evaluation
      • Preparing for additional real-world pilots
    • The initial phase of MedMorph is closing out
    • MedMorph is mentioned in the CMS Digital Quality Measure Strategic Roadmap:

    • Beyond the initial phase:
      • Pilots for healthcare surveys and cancer reporting
      • Content IG for Hospital Influenza Surveillance
      • Vital Records birth reporting is harmonizing the existing IG with MedMorph
  • eCR updates (20 mins)
    • eCR Update for PHWG 8-22.pptx 
    • >15,300 facilities are now reporting in production
    • The CMS Promoting Interoperability  rules have had a significant impact on level of interest and use
    • Exploring the use of FHIR
      • The FHIR data format is more straightforward than CDA
      • But additional issues need to be resolved
        • Data sharing agreement methodology
        • Limitations of query for reporting workflow
        • FHIR has less of an implementation history (and compiled industry experience) than CDA
        • HINs and HIEs don't fully support FHIR at scale (both policy and technical issues)
        • TEFCA is expected to be helpful for PH exchange
        • Attention from the FHIR community has mostly been on query, not on push messaging and the pre-definition of clear data sets that can be shared
  • US Public Health Profiles Library Update (20 mins)
    • HL7 USPHPL PH WGM 9-22.pptx
    • Starting with MedMorph and eCR profiles
      • Each IG currently contain their own profiles as the library hasn't been published yet
    • Ballot outcome:
      • 36 affirmatives, 5 negatives and 79 abstains
      • 54 issues submitted - 38 change requests
      • Ballot recon will happen Wednesday Q1
    • Talked to US Realm in Q3 to discuss a technical process
      • What to create a similar process to what US Core does in terms of validating that IG profiles are based on a library profile when an appropriate one exists (US Realm IG and the sponsor is Public Health)
      • Grahame says this is technically feasible
      • US Realm voted in favor
      • Someone will have to authorize exceptions
        • US Realm agreed that PHWG has the authority to create these exceptions
        • Exemptions granted my lead to changes to the US Profile Library if there is a general need for something that doesn't currently exist
      • Motion for the PHWG to accept responsibility for the variance process for IGs (Sarah Gaunt/AbdulMalik Shakir) 27-0-3
        • We need to develop the technical process with Grahame and a WG process
          • John and Sarah will work with Grahame

Action items