Date: Sept 19, 2022

Quarter: Q3

Minutes Approved as Presented- NA 

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Admin Kick Off

Discussion items

Welcome and introductionsCraig

15 min

Agenda review and plans for the week

  • Agenda review and plans for the week
    • MQ3- Admin kick off
    • MQ4- PH not meeting. Vocab is meeting to talk Gender Harmony
    • TQ1- ONC and North Start Arch Building Blocks Update
    • TQ4- MedMorph, eCR, PH Profiles
    • WQ1- US PH Profiles recon
    • WQ2- Helios
    • WQ3- PH joining with CIC- Registries
    • WQ4- Imm round table (jira #114423), joint with CIC- Cancer Reporting
    • THQ1- Split with FHIR I (Ways to visualize a profiles lineage
    • THQ2- MedMorph Cancer Content IG
    • THQ3- Possible joint with LHS, Admin wrap up
    • THQ4- NA
    • Friday- not meeting
    • ERIN SENT MARYANNE BOYLE Quarters not meeting
  • PHER Feed
    • After the reception
    • LP Steamers, somewhere we crabs
    • ERIN will send out note to list serve
15 min

Review STUs approaching expiration

    • FHIR IG- Vital Records Mortality and Morbidity Release 1, about to expire. A new version is under works (STU2). Sarah G will check with Cindy to see if we can let this retire. It will end the end of October.
    • CDA HAI for Long Term Care Facilities- to expire in November. Want to renew. Will ask for an extension. Sabrina and Sarah.
    • Vital Records DAM Release 4- Sarah will check with Cindy.
30 min

Update Project Roadmap with new projects

    • R5 is open for ballot. There are a lot of Imm related changes
    • FHIR IG Imm Forecasting- will be a block vote later in the week.
    • Need to discuss with the IIS team, but suspect will not be pursuing v2.8.2 Imm IG
    • VCI Smart Cards – ballot recon is still outstanding. Waiting on vocab.
    • Adverse Drug Events- Withdrew from May ballot. In STU status. Will be looking into withdrawing. Sarah will investigate.
    • Longitudinal Maternal and Infant Health – ballot recon complete- applying edits
    • CREDS- Testing out between CRISP and ACC the ability to exchange data using CREDS. Built model (Chest pain MI and Cardiac Cath). Model will not go to ballot. Will be balloting the Architecture of building a data extraction model where you take your information model and map it out to where to find in V2, CCDA, FHIR.... Expecting to bring to get ready for publishing by end of year but need to ballot. We are co-sponsor. CIC is sponsor. They may want to revisit milestones in project insight.
    • Medicolegal Death Investigation- getting ready for publication.  
    • OHD V2, CDA  and FHIR- ongoing
    • Need to merge the two VR DAM items into 2 project.
    • Officially retired the V2.6 BFDR
    • Officially retired the CDA BFD, CDA VRDR Reporting
    • Need to make sure there are no open issues on retired projects. Sarah will check.
    • FHIR VR Death Reporting IG- STU1 and STU 2 already published. collecting feedback.
    •  VDRD VRDR retried
    • CDA HAI Long-term Facilities- CDA published and collecting feedback. FHIR in development. Both are SD.
    • Healthcare Associated Infection- Published as Normative July, Release 4 Draft 2.
    • MedMorph- publishing Reference Arch, and will hear about Cancer Content IG later this week.
    • CODEX- working with MedMorph to advanced the Cancer Content IG
    • CDA IG for reporting to Cancer Registries- collecting comments but will not update because they are going to FHIR
    • SANER- Collecting comments. Working on implementing pilot. Working with those involved in Helios (Aggregate). Still in collecting feedback stage. Data has begun to flow for 1 of two pilot sites. Have a running list of things that need to be addressed and updated, so far nothing major.
    • FHIR BSDR- piloting, considering going to ballot again.
    • HL7 CDA National Medical Care Surveys- Is this the same as National Healthcare Survey? Erin followed up with Cindy.
    • FHIR eCR- last published in Sept 2022 as Release 2
    • CDA eCR (R3.1) and RR (R1.1) Published in July
    • Syndormic- outstanding issues needing resolution. Erin to follow up with Karl.
    • Birth Defects- currently collecting comments, no immediate plans to update or retire.
    • Birth Defects DAM- no updates
    • HL7 v2.6 CCHD and EDH- both normative, no immediate actions planned
    • Diagnostic Audiology- awaiting codes before publishing
    • LOI/LRI- publication request was approved by V2 management group last week and will be publishing shortly.
    • FHIR Lab results update- Tuesday Q2 in OO; this is active.
      • Expecting changes in FHIR R5 that deal with add on tests and parent child relationships
    • HAVE 2.0 Alignment – Need to confirm archived with PA. SANER superseded HAVE
20 min

Review Mission and Charter and update the HL7 page

    • Reviewed Mission
      • Edit- Specific Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):
    • Review Charter
      • Edit-Remove joint from first sentence.
      • Edit- Adding jurisdictional to the last sentence of first paragraph.
      • Formal relationship with other HL7 groups- Possibly add CSTE, WHO, NACCHO. CDC is already member, there is also complexity around organizing with the CENTERS, pleural. Some discussion around whether we need a FORMAL relationship with some of these orgs given their function/mission. Would need to have the board execute and MOU. Interest in continuing discussion. Need to understand what the formal relationship gets you. If we decided to include PH organizations, would need to include others’ group. Could provide opportunities to provide education, implementer support... This is all actually already reflected in the Formal Relationships with groups outside of HL7.  May be subject to further discussion around expectations associated with formal relationships.
      • Motion- Laura moves to approve mission and charter
        • Keith- Second
        • Abstain-0
        • Against-0
        • For-14
      • Need to update the WG Mission and Charter Tracking- Danny will complete
5 minCo-chair assignmentsCraigSee working group meeting agenda found at 2022-09 Public Health WGM Agenda - Public Health - Confluence (

Action items