Date: May 13, 2022

Quarter: Q2

Minutes Approved as Presented 

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Admin Wrap up & Project update.

Discussion items

15 minCancer Pathology UpdateRuby Nash
  • HL7 CancerEPR_IHESDConFHIRConnectathonReportout.pptx
  • Connectathon Track Report Out – May Connectathon
  • IHE SDC on FHIR for Cancer Pathology
  • 4 Test cases
    • PlanDefinition trigger based reporting
    • Bundle Registry reporting
    • Exchange Bundle
    • Order Specimen
  • PlanDefinition- did get it in eCR Now after some troubleshooting in morning.
    • Result- Got test app to run, but need to do more work on the knowledge artifacts for MedMorph use case
  • Bundle Registry Reporting- partial success
    • Results- identified what elements were missing in Postman, but have not updated reference implementation IG
  • Exchange Bundle
  • Order Specimen-
    • Successful post of specimen, further testing required. Future testing should include slices, parent/child specimens, and movement of specimens between facilities.
  • Cancer Path Data Sharing FHIR IG-
    • To align with MedMorph, expanded bundles and exchange is more HER specific
    • Background includes relationship between this and NAACCR, and mapping between this, v2 and NAACCR
10 minLong. Maternal Health IG update Ruby Nash 

  • in May ballot- starting recon. Project team needs to debrief and plan of approach
  • 9 issues approved as tech corrections
  • Block vote will need to be communicated to community 1 week prior to vote
  • Building IG to access research data
  • Content IG
  • Includes background with situation on Maternal health in US
  • Tried to get specific on use cases addressed
    • Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
    • Pregnancy and maternal associated deaths
  • CQL logic around these two use cases and tested in January
  • Research considerations include MPI, patient matching, discussion on linkage, deidentification for research
  • Relationships to other standards
  • CQL Measures and Libraries for both measures/use cases
20 minAdmin Wrap upAbdulMalik Shakir 

Admin wrap up

  • Confirm Facilitator assignments
    • Vocab- Ravi Kafle
    • CDA and FHIR publishing- Sarah Gaunt
    • Modeling- AbdulMalik Shakir
    • V2- Craig Newman
    • Conformance- Craig Newman
    • UTG Rep- AbdulMalik Shakir
    • TSC Rep- Gora Datta
  • Schedule for conference calls for next period- Keep as is- Thursdays at 4pm Eastern
    • Our calls don’t work well for Europe. May want to consider changing if we get feedback indicating that’s an issue for people joining us
    • Co-chair meeting also is in conflict – Co-chairs can split duties if needed
    • Craig will update the conference call center if needed.
    • Next call is May 19th
  • Draft agenda for next WGM – Sept Baltimore
    • Ken Rubin- Affiliated with OMG- BPM+ Health ( - Process Modeling group- Co-locating with HL7 meeting in Baltimore and HL7 is hosting. Expecting that they will be around in later half of the week and would like to have their PH work group meet with our PH work group
      • Could meet Thursday or Friday, with them hosting
    • Helios update (Craig)
    • Joint with Patient Care to discuss BSeR (John Loonsk)
    • Immunization Round table
    • FHIR-I
    • 2022-09 Public Health WGM Agenda - Public Health - Confluence ( (Please feel free to add potential topics on this page)
    • This will be a plenary meeting
    • Admin kick off moved to Q3
    • For in person meetings- we used to wrap up Thursdays
    • Would put in room requests for MonQ3- Thurs Q3 and put in time for all of them.
    • Will need to develop agenda a little earlier to allow for travel planning
    • Topics:
  • Room request for next WGM
    • Mon Q3- Thurs Q4
    • Plan for 12 people each quarter
  • Project scope statement (PSS) status and plans- caught up
    • AbdulMalik discussion with Dave Hamill
    • Projects that we are being dinged on are those that producing multiple artifacts, of which they progress at different rates
    • Project Insight? Is this still where they are looking? Not sure
    • May need to update the project roadmap
    • May need to consult Melva and Dave
    • Would be great to set aside some time between now and Baltimore so we do better in Baltimore
    • Would a dashboard be helpful for monitoring the lifecycle of projects and their artifacts?  Would a standardized dashboard template be possible?
    • Definitely have some process improvement that we need
    • Similar conversations happening at TSC regarding the project identification with ANSI where the project identifier is associated with multiple artifacts that may be at different stages.
  • Ballot and harmonization planning 
    • No more harmonization, really just work with UTG
    • Need to send a note to list serve letting folks know that NIBs are available and to let us know if they are planning to ballot in Sept.  
  • New business
  • Review project portfolio
    • See Project Scope statement status notes above.
40 minSWOTCraig

PH_SWOT_May 2022.doc

  • Focused on threats section
  • Possibly add to an agenda in the future
  • CSTE is actively looking to hire a person on their staff to support standards development and associated coordination
  • Education for PH on both standards development as well as the standards themselves
  • How to get people more engaged (opportunity to learn as well as contribute)
  • Bandwidth of STLT PH community
  • Craig will polish up and distribute to list serve for discussion and approval on the next call
  • Interest in taking some action once this is published to see where we can do some improvement.

Action items