Date: May 10, 2022

Quarter: Q4

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Discussion items

30 mineCR UpdateJohn Loonsk

eCR Update for PHWG 5-10-22.pptx

  • over 12,000 facilities in Production for case reporting (most COVID only)
  • eCR team is working on expanding to "full case reporting"
  • 19 EHR products are on boarding
  • Increasing numbers of HIT vendors are implementing the eRSD triggering and reporting set up functionality
  • eICR CDA v1.1 and Reportability Response 1.0 are what are in operation
  • The project team feels that eCR needs to be represented in ONC's ISA and EHR certification
    • EHR certification doesn't currently specify the format required
    • The exact nature that regulation may take is not known
  • The project team also is suggesting that additional levers (like CLIA) to ensure well-structured and coded data
  • State laws are important in addition to federal regulations because reporting is fundamentally at the state level
  • Expected updates:
    • CDA eICR 3.0 → 3.1
      • no structural changes
    • CDA RR 1.0 → 1.1
      • no structural changes
    • FHIR eCR 2.0 → 2.1
      • eRSD updates to support EHR implementers
30 minMedMorph updateMaria Michaels
  • HL7 May 2022 MedMorph update v4.pptx
  • In the process of dispositioning the content IGs and finishing up the Reference Architecture IG
    • Hep C uses eCR but the other three have their own IGs
    • Goal to be completed and ready for publication by July
  • IG updates
    • Block votes have been passed for the Cancer and Health Care Surveys
    • Research IG will be tackled next
  • Next steps
    • Continue real world piloting and execute a short term evaluation 
    • Draft MedMorph roadmap (including long term evaluation plan)
      • Speaks to scalability and sustainability
    • Participate in USCDI and USCDI+
  • MedMorph recently spoke with the CREDS team to differentiate between the projects
    • CREDS can be used to transform other data formats to FHIR for use in the MedMorph architecture
30 minJoint discussion (eg PH library)Sarah Gaunt (PH library), Bryn Rhodes (CMI)
  • The NIB process is open for Sept 2022
  • US Public Health Profiles Library
    • 20220510_PHWG_USPHL_Update.pptx
    • Complement to US Core (with an analogous process for review and approval)
    • Profiles can then be referenced by other IGs
    • Initial stage was to evaluation and harmonize between eCR and MedMorph
    • PSS was put forward for approval in March 2022, aiming to go to ballot in Sept 2022
      • Waiting on an appeal of the missed deadline to go to ballot in Sept
      • Need to appeal to FMG to skip connectathon testing requirement before going to ballot because it's a library IG, not an implementable IG
      • Need to work with the PH Work Group to identify the process for reviewing, approving and creating profiles
  • Content Management Infrastructure (CMI)
    • The project has been approved, next step is IG proposal and getting the repository set up
    • Will start by refactoring existing common profiles
    • Architectural profiles may include some of the Public Health library profiles
    • Bryn offered to join a PH WG call once he's a little further along
    • Look at Sept 2022 but may end up being Jan 2023
    • A similar vetted process (to US Core and PH library) will need to be developed

Action items