Date: May 09, 2022

Quarter: Q1

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Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

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Welcome and introductions 

Laura Rappleye

5minAgenda review and plans for the weekLaura Rappleye

Review STUs approaching expiration

  • Vital Records Death Reporting 2.6 – expiring in June 2022; afterward, it will be retired.
  • Electronic Initial Case Reporting release 1.1 - is scheduled to expire in August 2022. An extension will be sought. This release is heavily utilized.
  • VRDR FHIR IG STU 1 – expiring in October 2022. An STU 2 version of the VRDR FHIR IG is being prepared for publication. The publication is anticipated before October.

Update Project Roadmap with new projects

Laura Rappleye 
  • Development and Maintenance of Immunization FHIR resources – this is an active project; changes will be forthcoming for inclusion in FHIR R5
  • Immunization Forecasting – This is an active project. It lacks sponsorship and so progress is slow. A publication is expected in 2023.
  • Immunization v2.8.2 – The IG produced by this project is expected to be retired. Version 2.5.1 is widely adopted. An effort is underway to digitize the v2.5.1 IG and to make incremental improvements.
  • VCI Smart Cards – This IG was balloted in 2021; many states in the US are starting to implement it. We need to reach out to Max Mesnick to get a status update on the project.
  • NHSN Adverse Drug Events – We need to reach out to Sarah Gaunt to get an update.
  • Longitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research – is in ballot this cycle.
  • Clinical Registry Extraction and Data Submission – is in development
  • Medicolegal Death Investigation – is in ballot this cycle.
  • ODH in HL7 v2 and FHIR – collecting feedback. Adoption is hampered by slow EHR inclusion of job occupation and industry data. This may change with the adoption of occupation and industry data elements in release 3 of the USCDI in July.
  • Vital Records DAM R5 – approved for publication. There are two project insight entries for this project (1296 and 1432). AbdulMalik Shakir  to work with Dave Hamill to resolve this.
  • Vital Records Birth and Fetal Death Reporting v2.6 and CDA – have been retired.
  • Vital Record Death Reporting FHIR IG – STU-1 is published and STU-2 is soon to be published. There are multiple project insight numbers for this project too. AMS will discuss this in the meeting with Dave Hamill.
  • Vital Records v2.6 – will be retired. This is another project with duplicate entries in project insight. AMS to reach out to Dave Hamill for assistance in resolving this and other duplicate entries.
  • Healthcare Associated Infections Laura Rappleye will follow up with David DeRoode to get a status update on this project.
  • MedMorph – has three content IGs in ballot. The reference architecture is awaiting publication.
  • CodeX – in development. Collaborating with MedMorph on Cancer reporting. CodeX is expanding its scope beyond Cancer to include Cardiology.
  • CDA IG for Reporting to Central Cancer Registries – in development. They have a growing number of aging JIRA tickets that require resolution.
  • SANER – Published, however their ballot reconciliation is not complete. Craig Newman will reach out to Keith W. Boone to obtain a status update on ballot reconciliation.
  • BSeR – collecting feedback. This project produced three artifacts – DAM, CDA, and FHIR. John Loonsk will provide an update during Thu Q1.
  • National Healthcare Survey (CDA) – awaiting publication.
  • eCR FHIR – update needed from John Loonsk  or Sarah Gaunt 
  • Public Health Case Reporting. – update needed from John Loonsk  or Sarah Gaunt
  • Syndromic Surveillance – Erin to reach out to Jamie to get an update.
  • Birth Defects – collecting input on the CDA and DAM. The FHIR IG is stalled because of difficulty generating interest in testing it in a connectathon.  
  • Critical Congenital Health Defects – published as normative
  • Early Hearing Detection – published as normative
  • Diagnostic Audiology – in ballot. Having some difficulty get proposed LOINC codes accepted.
  • LRI – Newborn Dried Blood Spot orders – integrated into the O&O LRI/LOI
  • LOI/LRI Public Health Profile - integrated into the O&O LRI/LOI
  • FHIR Lab Reporting – new activity anticipated to support international reporting of FHIR results and possibly orders.

In-Person survey

Craig Newman 

A count of people that plan to attend the September meeting in person.

SWOT updates

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