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Aaron Ling CDPH
Adele Stewart Double Lantern Informatics
Alex Woodward Pew Charitable Trusts, Public Health Data Improvement project
Becky Angeles Carradora Health
Craig Newman Altarum
Crystal Snare APHL
Dan Chaput Kahuina/CSTE
Danny Wise Allscripts
Dr. Iwona Belczacka Accenture
Erin Holt TN Dept of Health
Genny Luensman ATL, Inc. (contractor for CDC/NIOSH)
Heather Patrick CDC Contractor (Peraton)
Inder TDH
John Loonsk JHU / APHL
Justine Maxwell TN DOH
Katie Tully HHS/ONC
Kristi Eckerson HLN Consulting, LLC
Laura A Conn CDC/CSELS
Maria Michaels CDC
Mike Flanigan Carradora Health
Nathan Bunker American Immunization Registry Association
Ravi Kafle WA DOH
Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group
Sophia Cantor WA DOH/CSTE
Tony Winters PHII


Discussion items





5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Erin
  • No new agenda topics
  • Minutes from last week were approved by consensus
  • Meeting Schedule for the rest of the year
    • Cancel the meetings for Dec 22 and 29 (we will meet as scheduled on Dec 19)
20 minMedMorph FHIR IGsDragon

Cancer FHIR IG Review

  • Ready for WG review prior to publication
  • The MedMorph team will seek publication approval next week (12/15) - send them any comments you have

Publication of the MedMorph core (reference architecture) FHIR IG

  • The HL7 Subscriptions group has created a version compatible with R4
  • MedMorph IG has been updated to add back subscription topics and the backported subscription guidance
    • Examples also added
    • Requirements added
    • Guidance on implementing notifications without subscriptions is also addressed
    • Content is largely the same as the previous content 
  • The MedMorph team will seek publication approval next week (12/15) - send them any comments you have
15 minUS Public Health Profiles LibrarySarah


  • The submitter (Rob McClure) has agreed to the proposed disposition
  • Motion to approve as Persuasive with Mod with the disposition as documented in the ticket (Sarah Gaunt/John Loonsk 32-0-1)
10 minImmunization 2.5.1 r1.6 Guide Ballot proposal discussionHeather

Updating the existing v2.5.1 messaging IG which is in use in the US

5 min

At Home Tests


FHIR-38544 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Discussed earlier today on the O&O call
  • What happens today in locations without county (use parish instead for example)?
    • Kristi indicated that the same field is typically used in v2 (treated as a county)
  • When info is not available, investigations may be delayed because it takes longer to route the data to the right locale (may get routed to the wrong local PHA)
  • The USPHPL profile has county as Must Support
    • Will use this is the USPHPL is published in time
10 minODH issues with TrifoliaLori

Possible corruption issue with the ODH FHIR spec

  • Roll back doesn't seem to be working
  • IG publisher has a few new changes
  • Sarah will look into the issue

Action items