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Adele Stewart Double Lantern Informatics
Alex Woodward Pew Charitable Trusts, Public Health Data Improvement Project
Cindy Bush CDC/NCHS
Craig Newman Altarum
Crystal Snare APHL
Dan Rutz Epic
Danny Wise Allscripts
Fikru Mekonnen CDC
Forrest White Altarum
Heather Patrick CDC contractor (Peraton)
John Stamm Epic
Karen Knight NAACCR
Katie Tully ONC
Katie Tully HHS/ONC
Kristi Eckerson HLN Consulting, LLC
laura rappleye Altarum
Ravi Kafle WA DOH
Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group
Shirley Burton CDC/NIOSH
Sophia Cantor CSTE/WA State DOH
Tony Winters PHII

Chair: Craig Newman 

Scribe: Danny Wise 

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5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval CraigNov. 17th minutes approved as posted (last week's meeting was cancelled due to the Thanksgiving US holiday); no concerns or corrections raised
0 min.MedMorph Content IGs (Cancer and Healthcare Survey) Review and Publication RequestDragondeferred until next week
10 min.Helios PSS ApprovalCraig

PSS-2138 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Project Proposal PSS-2126 - Getting issue details... STATUS was previously approved by the WG on Nov. 10th
  • Project is open-ended at this point – could include infrastructural recommendations and / or IG artifacts
  • Steve Eichner recommended specifying that any published artifacts should be clear that they are just technical documentation and that there are policy considerations about who can actually access immunization data in bulk
  • WG approved PSS / primary sponsorship 26-0-0 (motion: Danny, second: John Stamm)
10 min."How-To" DocumentCraig
  • Craig introduced a "how-to" / primer document for new WG participants about HL7 in general, the Public Health Work Group, Helios and other FHIR Accelerators, how to participate, etc.
  • Will review further in future calls
  • A draft copy is available for comment (but keep in mind it is still draft and shouldn't be widely circulated at this point)
35 min.US Public Health Profiles Library Sarah
  • Block vote 3: 6 issues
    • Announcement sent out last week
    • No requests to pull comments were received
    • Block approved 23-0-4 (motion: Sarah, second: Dragon)
  • Discuss  FHIR-38263 - Getting issue details... STATUS submitted by Rob McClure
    • Name of profile is "Postpartum Status," but the description seems to represent a time period
    • Value set includes time-specific "period" concepts (e.g., "Postpartum period, 7 days") as well as general "state" concepts (e.g., "Late postpartum state")
    • the presence of this Observation resource indicates the patient is in a postpartum state; the resource itself indicates the time period
      • Observation.effectiveDate is the date (e.g., today) the patient was noted to be in a postpartum state
      • Observation.value is the time period since delivery until this determination was made
        • Could technically be derived if delivery date is known, but that's not guaranteed since Observation.subject is the mother, not the child
    • resource is a snapshot in time and could still be present even after the patient is no longer deemed to be in a postpartum state
    • "state" might be a better name than "status"
    • Sarah will consult with obstetrician SMEs for typical usage, and will re-review with Rob to determine an appropriate path forward

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