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Aaron Ling CDPH
Adele Stewart Double Lantern Informatics
Becky Angeles Carradora Health
Craig Newman Altarum
Cynthia (Cindy) Bush CDC/NCHS
Dan Chaput CSTE
Danny Wise Allscripts
Erin Holt Coyne Tn Dept of Health
Genny Luensman ATL, Inc (Contractor for CDC/NIOSH)
Heather Patrick CDC Contractor (Peraton)
Kathy Walsh Labcorp
Katie Tully ONC
Laura Conn (CDC) CDC/CSELS
Laura Rappleye Altarum
Maria Michaels CDC
Michelle Currie CDC
Mike Flanigan Carradora Health
Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon) Drajer LLC
Ravi Kafle WA DOH
Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group
Sophia Cantor CSTE/WA DOH
Steve Eichner TX Dept of Health


Discussion items





5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval 
  • November 10th meeting minutes approved as posted
  • Next week's call-- consensus to cancel
  • Zoom details update
    • A Zoom account has been created solely for the PH work group to replace the Shared Zoom account.
    • The new Zoom URL will be posted on the listserv and added to the work group's Confluence page 
  • TEFCA Public Health SOP
    • The November 15th RCE Monthly Informational Call discussed Public Health Use Cases
    • Katie Tully stated they will be taking a broader approach
    • The RCE will be working on the details
    • Everyone is encouraged to participate in the information gathering
    • Contact Katie Tully ( for TEFCA public health related questions

MedMorph Content IGs (Cancer and Healthcare Survey) Review and Publication Request Dragon

Central Cancer Registry Reporting Content IG

  • Ballot comments have been applied
  • Work group members are encouraged to review all tickets that have been applied and provide feedback.
  • Tickets regarding subscriptions will need to wait for the Medmorph IG to come through.

CMS RFI for National Directory of Healthcare Providers and Services

How To document (Craig)CraigPostponed for another meeting

Action items