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5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval AMS

Minutes are approved as posted.

45 min

ONC updates- USCDI+

Ryan Argenteri
  • HL7 PHER 11032022_images.docx
  • Will be trying to better communicate around USCDI +
  • Where possible, info from USCDI+ based on feedback received
  • Terminology consideration or some other complexity capturing in a way that is transparent and accessible in the same way
  • The platform is functioning but may not be as agile or timely as expected
  • Continued effort to make sure any new standards develop sponsored by feds that there is no duplication of effort of creating unnecessary burden. Will attempt to align with existing cert program and timelines.
  • ONC HITACT PHDS Task force still collecting info, nothing definitive yet
  • eCR, Lab, and Situational Awareness and Aggregate Reporting prioritized for review based on feedback received.
  • Will have deliberate outreach to use case specific SMEs to ensure they have what's needed
  • Will be asking folks to pause on their commenting to address these specific use cases and reach out to specific SMEs to ensure needs are met
  • SANER- Reporting requirements from HHS perspective, and then state level
  • Still working through submissions on multi-directional exchange and maternal and child health.
  • ONC would consider future opportunities for improvement, assuming that the process is followed.
  • The ask: 
    • If you haven’t reach out and have an interest-
    • If you prefer and want to be among the people who get a manual file- let them know
    • Could also schedule a follow up call
  • CDC is retooling their input on the case surveillance pieces with ONC and is being addressed in the back end of the tool.
  • CSTE wants to contribute.
  • Site is still available, despite backend work taking place. A flat file can be available.
  • ONC doesn’t want folks to wait to provide input
  • Is there a gap analysis between USCDI+ and what’s in existing standards? Currently have all sorts of different cross walks between USCDI+ and data elements tied to each of the initial data priority areas.
  • CDC is re-evaluating core data elements needed for case investigation so some of that many be subject to change
  • Draft for discussion purposes only: 
  • See image of table in attachment
  • Some data elements represented here are currently making their way through the USCDI process
  • Would expect to see some of this in the Maternal and Child Health area as well, so will need to figure out how to handle where data elements are needed across areas
  • Comments received regarding need to associated data elements to more than one sub-domain, use cases.
  • How will information from USCDI+ make it to ISA official Status? USCDI+ is not an onramp to get into USCDI by design.
  • Review process to confirm what should be in USCDI+ and how it relates in other data collections from a regulatory standpoint. Need a resource that is very clear that PHAs can point to, to indicate what data should be collected in x manner:
    • A short 1 – 2 paper on what is supposed to be in USCDI, USCDI+, and how they related to each other.
  • ONC would like to work with HL7 to figure out the mapping of USCDI+ to FHIR

MedMorph Content IGs (Cancer and Healthcare Survey) Review and Publication Request 

  • Updates in Content IGs based on Arch IG
  • Updating subscriptions IG to be compatible of FHIR R4.
  • Do they just wait on publishing? Or go with what was approved last week.
  • If they published, they would need to follow with a STU update pretty quickly.
  • Waiting might delay piloting / connectathon testing by a few months.
  • Not expecting a lot of testing for Jan. More related to piloting in the process of being stood up.
  • No objection to either direction. Leaning towards waiting on subscriptions update.
  • This has happened in other instances and in some of those instances they waited, or attempted to precoordinated.
  • Will come back next week.

V3 Imm normative decision moved to next week

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