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Aaron Ling CDPH
Becky Angeles Carradora Health
Chirine Chehab CDC
Craig Newman Altarum
Erin Holt TN Dept of Health
Forrest White Altarum
Genny Luensman ATL, Inc (contractor for CDC/NIOSH)
Heather Patrick CDC contractor (Peraton)
Jamie Parker Carradora
John Loonsk JHU / APHL
Karrie Schwencer HLN Consulting, LLC
Maria Michaels CDC
Nagesh Bashyam
Ravi Kafle WA-DOH
Sarah Gaunt
Sophia Cantor WA DOH (CSTE APHIF Fellow)


Discussion items





5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Laura

Minutes approved as posted

10 minMedMorph Reference Architecture IG Jira ticket review and approval regarding subscriptions  Dragon
  • Ticket created to relax subscription requirement as required by FMG (see notes from last week)
  • Remove all conformance language and provide a different way to implement the notification. Remove dependency on IG. Created URLs for notifications. This is all in the build site and main changes are located in the subscriptions and notifications section.
  • Resolution was updated.
  • Will update when the backbone is available in the right version.
  • Will send out to list serve for review, and include on agenda for next week. Will approve ticket next week and then approve publication request.
  • Question- Unable to regenerate a reconciliation package. What do we need to do? Take to Zulip (JIRA/Confluence thread)
5 minBSeR NIB Approval Sarah
  • BSeR 2023JAN NIB form
  • Following process circulated by Lynn.
  • Motion- Sarah moves to approve NIB
  • Second- Craig
  • 20,0,0
  • Sarah will follow up with Lynn and copy a co-chair.
5 minModeling and Methodology Work Group Dissolution/Merge RequestCraig
  1. Modeling and Methodology Work Group Dissolution/Merge Request - 5 min
    1. Looking to dissolve workgroup
    2. BC a lot of MnM work has to do with FHIR methodology, proposal is to have FHIR-I take over the FHIR mythology and data types work, and then anything else would be taken over by TSC.
    3. Discussion on OO call and some concerns expressed
      1. For practical purposes FHIR-I does most of this work anyway
      2. Concern was that take all of that other stuff to TSC is potentially problematic in that the TSC is not an open workgroup and decisions are not made the same way.
      3. Every product family has its own methodology workgroup. What there isn’t, is a place to discuss cross paradigm methodology issues. Maybe establish a place where broader issues can be discussed.
    4. Cross paradigm issues are huge. Tried to put ODH in all three places and add vocabulary and it was awful. Having a group to help deal with that would be really valuable.
    5. Will leave this for now and come back on a future call with AMS is here. Vote will remain open until November 6th.

Action items