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Discussion items

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Immunization DS

  • Nathan met with Mes Vaccins in Bordeaux. 
  • They created a FHIR specification for immunization DS with special conditions for French government. But has not been put into use: 
  • Used the Question/Answer model for the special conditions. 
  • They are interested in further discussions and possible standardization
  • Will schedule them to present in a future meeting. 
FHIR Work 
  • Based on discussions at WGM
    • What is the appropriate FMM for Immunization?
      • See FHIR-I Thursday Q1 notes
      • What are the boundaries for the use of the Immunization Resource?
        • Individual patient care (including as a prelude to forecasting)
        • Public health planning (vaccination clinics, outreach, ect)
        • Quality metrics
        • Others?
          • Craig will ask the question on zulip
      • Are we confident that the resources is well suited to all of these uses?
      • Are we potentially prepared to move to Normative with R6?
    • Changes to ImmunizationRecommendation and ImmunizationEvaluation
      • Discussed with CDS/CQI Wednesday Q4
      • FHIR-14855 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Suggest that the ImmunizationRecommendation resource be changed to ImmunizationRequest and aligned with the Request pattern, and specifically that it represent a request to immunize for a single immunization. Forecasting would then be supported with a RequestOrchestration consisting of multiple ImmunizationRequest resources,
      • Be potentially aiming to get this in R5 (deadline in late Feb 2023)
      • Craig will reach out to set up more time with the CDS group to continue discussions
Inventory Management
  • Integration between VAMS and IIS
    • The goal is to sync up inventory levels in VAMS and IIS so that the IIS can be a single source of truth
    • Inventory is managed in the registry
      • Are there other FHIR based solution for managing inventories?
      • Some jurisdictions don't order through the IIS
  • Can this be done with FHIR?
    • Query for Organization resources?
    • What are the potentially relevant resources?
  • A high level use case description (and diagram of data flow) would be helpful
    • Kevin will work on this
  • May need operations to update the inventory (increment, decrement)
  • Need to consider how to make the solution generic enough to include other systems like EHRs
  • Separate from the ordering of vaccine (it's likely a pre-condition that vaccine product is available and documented somewhere)

Action items