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Discussion items





5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Craig
  • Minutes have been posted and circulated to list serve. No edits.
  • Approved as posted.
15 minMedMorph RA IG sent out for review and Review Publication RequestDragon/Becky
  • Have applied changes from ballot recon
    • Home page: provide reference arch overview (1.2), updated sections and streamlined
    • Background: streamlined IG implementation section, in scope and out of scope, underlying specs, IG types and relationships with other IGs, for each IG a section is included that describes the relationship with MedMorph.
    • Use Cases: Navigation and section on business need and references with links to content IGs, Actors and Definitions section updated, updated name of backend services app to Health Data Exchange app, Data trust services to trust service provider, PHA is referenced as data receiver, updated steps, diagrams ensure consistency.
    • Specification: Link back to the right IGs, made sure names were consistent with elsewhere in doc, notifications updated
    • FHIR Artifacts: updates and changes made based on ballot comments
    • Content IG Guidance: updated to provide more detail on content IGs and how to use them, guidance on how to capture requirements on data source and receiver.
    • Though PHA is referenced as a data receiver, the guide CAN support public health as a data source, like in the event of using PH data for research.
    • Will send out to the list serve with the link to the build site for a publication request, which is expected next week. Will be using new name in pub request.
25 minMDI FHIR IG: discuss FHIR-37238 & FHIR-37237 about referencing ODH in the MDI IGDiana 
    1. Data flows supported by the MDI IG would not be exchanging occupation information, so removed these references from the IG. Do we need to re-open and re-vote the Jira tickets? Nothing we are proposing here would prevent the possibility of adding this later if the community the standards to support it.
    2. Instead of removing it, couldn’t we leave it in for possible future implementation? This would be more applicable to funeral homes as opposed to examiners. Funeral homes are included in scope for the VRDR. In the future, the ODH Job profile might be considered in order to accommodate information collected in relation to a fatality at work. 
    3. Voted on reconciled package, changes all applied. Will be sending out package to list serve for review and pub request for next week.
    4. Motion: Erin motions to reopen tickets FHIR-37238 & FHIR-37237
      1. Second- Diana
      2. Abstain- 0
      3. Against- 0
      4. For- 21
    5. FHIR-37238 –
      1. The Usual work example has some corrections needed
      2. Removing example bc we are removing reference to ODH and making as a narrative text entry.
      3. Change from persuasive to Not persuasive with Mod because the reference to ODH is being removed.
      4. Motion: Diana motions to approve new disposition of Not Persuasive for ticket FHIR-37238 due to the reference to ODH usual work profile being removed and only including a narrative text entry under additional demographics.
        1. Second- Sarah
        2. Abstain- 2
        3. Against- 0
        4. For- 19
    6. FHIR-37237
      1. Missing value sets for industry, occupation
      2. removing reference to ODH and making as a narrative text entry. Value sets are no longer necessary.
      3. Change from persuasive to not persuasive.
      4. Motion: Diana motions to approve new disposition of not persuasive for ticket FHIR-37237 due to the reference to ODH usual work profile being removed and only including a narrative text entry under additional demographics.
        1. Second- Sarah
        2. Abstain- 1
        3. Against- 0
        4. For- 20
    7. IG review:
      1. Narrative pages have changed very little except for additional graphics
      2. Best Practices- intent is to provide community a lot of flexibility bc of the variability of jurisdictional requirements
      3. Artifacts: includes capability statements for servers involved
      4. Https://   
    8. When this is distributed to the list serve, we need to make sure to include details on the ODH changes.
    9. Ballot Recon spread sheet will need to be updated. Craig will resubmit once those changes are made.
2 minWorkgroup health metricsCraigWill discuss next week. Please look at your items in the details below and try to resolve what you can for discussion next week. 
  1. Work Group Health Metrics – hold for next week
    1. Stale Jira tickets!!
    2. Idle Ballots
      1. HAI-LTCF
      2. MedMorph RA
      3. DAR - waiting for a couple of codes
      4. Vaccination SMART Health Cards
    3. Recon package issues
      1. SANER 
      2. Vaccination SMART Health Cards
    4. Unpublished Ballot
      1. Longitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research IG
    5. Project Insight Behind
      1. NHSN Adverse Drug Event-Hypoglycemia Report
      2. Longitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research
      3. Vital Records Reporting Domain Analysis Model R4
      4. HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Reports for Long Term Care Facilities (HAI-LTCF-CDA) and HL7 Implementation Guide for FHIR® Release 4: NHSN Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Reports for Long Term Care
      5. Vital Records Mortality and Morbidity Reporting FHIR IG
      6. SMART Health Cards: Vaccination & Testing Implementation Guide

Action items