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Discussion item





10 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Craig Newman 
  • Agenda approved with no new items added or removed. Discussion of the Longitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research IG ballot reconciliation request for approval delayed until after the MedMorph discussion.
  • August 4, 2022, meeting minutes were approved as written.

MedMorph RA IG FHIR 36556Jamie Parker 

In response to a non-ballot-related comment regarding the US Public Health Reporting Bundle structure definition the following changes are being proposed:

Add a MessageDefinition resource for each message type. MessageHeader would point to the MessageDefinition resource. MessageDefinition resource .focus.profile element would point to the desired structure definition to be expected in the message.

The US PH Reporting Bundle would have 3 slices.

  • First slice - Message Header which is mandatory.
  • Second Slice - optional Content Bundle.
  • Third Slice - Any Resource.

The primary driver of this change is to remove the need for nested bundles. 

Motion: approved the proposed change to FHIR 36556 as written. Maria Michaels / Sarah Gaunt 

Approved: 25 - 0 - 0 

Longitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research IG - request vote to approve that ballot reconciliation is complete David DeRoode 

Ballot reconciliation of the Longitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research IG is complete. The reconciliation spreadsheet was shared on the PHWG list and is now seeking approval.

Motion: approve the Longitudinal Maternal & Infant Health Information for Research IG ballot reconciliation. David DeRoode / Sarah Gaunt 

Discussion: Several line items in the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet do not have a recorded vote. All of the items are technical corrections that do not require a vote.

Approved: 25 - 0 - 2

Immunization Jira Ticket

The R5 version of the Immunization resource structure definition contains the element Immunization.instantiatesCanonical with a datatype of canonical(Definition). JIRA Ticket FHIR-32392 states that canonical is not the proper datatype and that the proper datatype would be a Reference to a definition resource (e.g., Activity or Plan definition).

The Immunization team is considering making this change to both the Immunization Resource and the ImmunizationRecommendation Resource.


  • AbdulMalik Shakir the element is defined as "The URL pointing to a FHIR-defined protocol, guideline, orderset or other definition that is adhered to in whole or in part by this Immunization." Consideration should be given to making it part of the Immunization.protocolApplied backbone element.
  • Sarah Gaunt the word "targeted" in the definition of element protocolApplied.targetDisease is misspelled. It contains an extraneous letter "t". (i.e., "targetted" should be "targeted").
  • Bryant Johnson the MVX code system used as code for Immunization.manufacturer contains code entries with null values for display name. Chrissy Johnson volunteered to look into this and report back.


Craig Newman will share this discussion with the Immunization team and report back for further discussion during the 8/18/22 PHWG conference call.

Immunization Jira Ticket FHIR-36060Craig Newman 

Consideration is being given to adding an element to the Immunization resource to indicate supporting information like the pregnancy of the patient or that the patient has been bitten by an animal suspected of having rabies. This would be similar in function to the MedicationAdminitration.supportingInformation element. 
Craig Newman notes that a reference to a supporting information resource is not part of the FHIR Event pattern. He will follow up with FMG to understand the rationale for its omission. His findings will be shared with the Immunization team and added as an agenda item for the PHWG 8/18/22 conference call.

Action items