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10 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Laura (chair)
  • No new items for the agenda
  • Meeting minutes from last week were approved
  • Question - in the process of doing a publication request all edits must be in place before the publication request can be processed
  • If you are planning on attending the WGM (or Connectathon), please be aware of the HL7 COVID policy

US Public Health Profiles LibrarySarah

Request for approval to go to ballot

No errors in the IG

Sarah has been attending the required FMG calls

Sarah has not received any feedback to this point

Motion: to approve the IG to go to ballot (Sarah Gaunt/Diana Wright:  22-0-0

NIH All of US RFICraig

Information about the NIH RFI: 

“This Request for Information seeks input on how to best acquire and integrate Electronic Health Record data from Health Information Networks and Health Information Exchanges into the All of Us Research Program dataset. The All of Us Research Program seeks to accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs to enable individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us. To do this, the program will partner with one million or more participants nationwide and build one of the most diverse biomedical data resources of its kind. Diversity is one of the core values of the All of Us Research Program. The program aims to reflect the diversity of the United States and has a special focus on engaging communities that have been underrepresented in health research in the past.” 

The NIH All of US RFI language can be accessed at: 

Comments to NIH are due August 31

Comments to HL7 PAC are due August 19

Further discussion on HL7’s overarching NIH response will happen August 11, 5PM Eastern HL7 on the HL7 Policy Advisory Call.  

If you have comments you think the WG should contribute, send them to a co-chair so that we can get them on a future call (August11 or 18)

Updating the balloted MDI FHIR IG to US Core 5.0.1Diana


MDI has gone through ballot and ballot recon (all comments have been approved)

A request has come through to reference US Core 5.0.1 (rather than 4.0.0)

Such a change would have little impact on the content of the MDI IG

The major change relates to the Condition resource (MDI would be updated to indicate that implementers can use either Condition profile in US Core)

Motion: to find persuasive - The MDI FHIR IG will be updated to US Core version 5.0.1 as suggested with the necessary changes relevant to the Condition resource. Diana Wright/Sarah Gaunt 25-0-0

eCR extension requestSarah

Extension request for HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: Public Health Case Report, Release 2: the Electronic Initial Case Report (eICR), Release 1, STU Release 1.1 - US Realm 

The IG will expire at the end of the month.

No changes in this request (relative to the previous extension request)

TSC has been stricter in requiring the rationale for the extension (particularly when there is a newer version available)

Sarah will update the rationale before submitting to TSC for approval (Management Group approval is not required for extension requests)

Motion: to approve the extension request dependent upon the updated rationale Sarah Gaunt/Laura Conn: 27-0-0


Connectathon track review

Some of the (many) tracks which may be of interest include:

BFDR/VRCPL (Diana Wright)

Live birth related data is stored in a variety of different systems

Goal is to query for medical information in sandbox environments

One jurisdictional VR office and one EHR interested (along with another EHR as a maybe)

BSeR (John Loonsk)

Increased interest following COVID

Implementers interested in testing the standard as it exists

Ongoing harmonization activity with Gravity, 360X and BSeR (likely resulting in a few potential changes)

Bulk Data

Cancer path


Gender Harmony

Human Services Resource and Provider Directories

International patient summary

Global community is interested in this for travel workflows

May be some overlap with VCI and smart health cards

Longitudinal Maternal & Infant Health

ONC Certification



Action items