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Aaron Ling CDPH
Austin Kreisler Leidos
Becky Angeles Carradora Health
Beth Ellinport ONC
Brian Gugerty CDC/NCHS
Bryant thomas Karras Wa State DOH
Chrissy Miner CDC/NCIRD/ISD
Craig Newman Altarum
Cynthia (Cindy) Bush NCHS/CDC
Dan Rutz Epic
Diana Wright Lantana Consulting Group
Forrest White Altarum
Genny Luensman ATL, Inc (contractor for CDC/NIOSH)
Heather Patrick CDC Contractor (Peraton)
Jamie Parker Carradora Health
Josh Bagley GDIT
Karen Bates MITRE
Kathy Walsh Labcorp
Kishore Bashyam Drajer LLC
Kristi Eckerson HLN Consulting, LLC
Laura A Conn CDC, CSELS
Ravi Kafle WA-DOH
Reece Adamson MITRE
Sandy Jones CDC Cancer
Sanjay Kumar Dohmh
Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group
Sarah Shaw PHII
Steve Eichner Texas Department of State Health Services
Tibi Samuel NYCDOHMH
Tony Winters Public Health Informatics Institute


Discussion items





10 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval 

No concerns with recording the call for note taking purpose

No additions to the agenda

Updates to last week's call

  • The Motions for FHIR-37580 and FHIR-37504 need to swapped
  • No concerns with this change

Remainder of the minutes approved by consensus

Diana will send last week's MDI ballot recon package for posting and negative withdrawal requests

10 minMedMorph Content IG Ballot Reconciliation Package Approval VoteBecky

Two ballot recon packages for approval

  1. Research Data Exchange
    1. All issues have been resolved or deferred
    2. No questions about the package 
    3. Motion to approve the ballot recon package (Becky Angeles/Brian Gugerty 34-0-1)
  2. Healthcare Surveys
    1. All issues have been resolved 
    2. No questions about the package 
    3. Motion to approve the ballot recon package (Becky Angeles/Brian Gugerty 33-0-0)

Becky will send the packages for uploading and negative withdrawal request

5 minCentral Cancer Registry Reporting Content IGBecky

Vote on FHIR-34654

This is the last outstanding comment for the IG

After some back and forth offline, the comment is proposed to be found Persuasive with Mod (Primary Cancer Condition will not be allowed to repeat) 

Motion to approve as proposed (Becky Angeles/Sandy Jones 34-0-0)

Becky will send out the ballot recon package later this week for voting tomorrow

10 minFHIR IG eCR publication approvalSarah

STU update is being requested

No changes to the product brief

FMG has approved the publication request provided that the last remaining errors (from the publisher) are fixed or demonstrated to be a publisher issue

Motion to approve the publication request (Sarah Gaunt/Genny Luensmann 35-0-0)

5 minODH DamShirley

Question about using "string" rather than "text" in the DAM

The ODH team will follow up with AMS

15 minODH FHIRGenny/Lori

As part of the MDI VRDR ballot, ODH agreed to make some changes:

  • Changes are currently only in Trifolia
  • Usual Work Profile:
    • effectivePeriod is currently 1..1 but has been changed to 0..1
    • Additional slices added to valueCodeableConcept to added CDCCensus2018
      • CDCCensus2012 will not be added because NIOSH has indicated that by the time testing is likely to be completed, 2018 will be the used standard
      • Additional narrative description is added
    • interpretation has been excluded
    • Similar changes made for the usual industry component slice
    • CDCCensus2018 hasn't yet been published by PHINVADS yet
      • No firm date on when publication of the value set will happen (typically a couple of weeks)
      • Once it is published Grahame needs to recreate the vocabulary package so that it shows up
  • PastOrPresentJob profile
    • Adding the same CDCCensus2018 slice
    • Fixed the cardinality on the value
    • Excluded .interpretation
  • Ultimately, these changes will be migrated to the current build site and be available for WG review prior to a dot-release publication request
  • Sarah will work with the ODH team to get the current build site updated
  • Genny will send out a block vote to approve the Jira tickets that document these changes
10 minImmunization verificationBryant

The workgroup is familiar with the VCI smart health card FHIR IG

Bryant has heard in a WHO meeting that an organization (LACPASS) is working on implementing a similar approach

The uses a blockchain approach to host the certificate

This group mentioned a Projectathon with HL7 participation but they didn't seem to be using VCI

They described an IHE profile DVC-digital vaccination certificate (COVID domain)

It's unclear how this might align with VCI

The Pan-American Health Organization might know more

Diego Kaminker (HL7 Argentina and CSIO at HL7) and Grey Faulkenberry may be good people to check in with

Action items