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Quarter: Q3 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET

Chair: Joginder Madra

Scribe: Danny Wise

Discussion items

5 min.CDA Publication Announcement Austin Kreisler
  • a significant security flaw was located in the XSLT stylesheets (for transforming CDA to HTML to display in browsers) typically included in CDA IG download packages
    • this isn't the first time such a security flaw has been identified....
  • WGs will likely need to update existing CDA download packages to remove any XSLT stylesheets
    • as an alternative, it may be OK to include a link to off-site storage (e.g., GitHub) for these XSLT stylesheets
  • future publication requests may be rejected if XSLT stylesheets are included
  • CTO (Wayne Kubick) working on general announcement with more details
75 min.SANER project updateKeith Boone
  • Connectathon update:
    • 16 - 18 participants
    • tested several key functionalities, notably automated computation of Measures into MeasureReports
    • next steps:
      • continue working on automation
      • finalize IG content for balloting
      • go to ballot in Oct. (out-of-cycle)
      • gear up for Jan. Connectathon
    • SANER Connectathon Report Out.pptx
  • current IG version located at
  • slides from DevDays 2020 have some additional background
  • IG utilizes Measure resource
    • hospitals are already tracking "measures" of things, e.g., resource inventory (beds / ventilators), events (admissions / deaths / healthcare associated infections), wait queues, service times (how long a patient is in a room), supply / medication availability
    • measure "actors:"
      • source (e.g., hospital)
      • consumer (e.g. Public Health)
      • measure definition source
      • measure definition consumer
      • measure computer – computes MeasureReport resources from Measure resources
  • automated measure computation – e.g., filtering COVID-specific data in overall counts
    • examples use FHIRPath, could also use CQL
    • measure computer role is not required for implementation
  •  aggregation
    • Public Health aggregates measures from multiple hospitals
    • state Public Health agencies can aggregate measures from local Public Health agencies
    • hospitals can aggregate measures from across multiple systems (e.g., EHR, LIS, etc.)
  • IG defines Public Health profiles for Measure and MeasureReport resources
    • added MeasureGroupAttributes for additional composite data
  • project calls have been Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but may drop Wednesdays after WGM
    • e-mail Keith if interested in participating
  • NIB for out-of-cycle ballot was already approved when Patient Administration WG was still primary sponsor
  • Public Health WG's approval of final ballot content is needed a week before balloting starts (Oct. 20th)
    • project team will present similar overview to WG on Oct. 1st
    • ballot content approval request Oct. 8th