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Quarter: Q3 2-4pm eastern

Chair: Craig Newman

Scribe: Erin Holt Coyne

Minutes Approved as Presented 

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Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

60 minMedMorph updateMaria Michaels
  • MedMorphSlides_for sept 2020 HL7 WG Meeting_PH v4 _FINAL.pdf
  • Preparing to ballot in January
  • Background
    • Lifecycle
      • Deliver actionable knowledge that drives
      • Health impacts and outcomes generate data that resides in EHRs and Registries to allow for the
      • Analysis data to advance evidence then we can
      • Update scientific evidence and knowledge needs to be updated
    • Project timeline 3 years
    • Patient -Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund via HHS Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
    • Stood up a multi-stakeholder technical expert panel (TEP)
    • Workgroups
      • Made up of: Technical experts, and subject matter experts
      • 3 use case workgroups (Hep C, Cancer, Healthcare Surveys)
      • Technical requirement workgroups
        • Data flows and clinical workflows
        • Data standards
        • Reference Arch/authorities, policies
        • Evaluation planning and execution
      • Deliverables:
        • Reference Arch, Reference Implementation (open source software), Balloted IGs, road map for scalability
        • IGs:
          • Reference Arch
          • Each Use Case (profiling)
        • Testing one of the use cases in agile fashion
        • National Test Collaborative including variety of clinical orgs and EHR platforms and other testing partners, like PH
      • Reference Arch
        • Aim to minimize burden of both senders and receivers by providing common method for obtaining data for research and public health for multiple conditions or uses
        • Must pilot and test to ensure implementability
        • Defines abstract model actors and systems for building the various workflows to accommodate
          • 5 workflows supported (provisioning, notification, data collection and report creation, data submission, and receiving response/ack)
        • See the confluence page for more details
      • Activities
        • Use Cases:
          • Health Care Surveys- 2 use case (ambulatory and inpatient/ED)
          • Hep C Reporting-2 use cases (care cascade, uncomplicated male and pregnant mom with exposed infant)
          • Cancer Reporting- 1 use case (reporting based on specific criteria with an alternate flow on every encounter)
          • Research- 2 use cases
        • For each include
          • Work-flow tables
          • activity and sequence diagrams
          • abstract models
          • data elements
            • common
            • those not already supported on the USCDI
          • Evaluation:
            • Short term goals:
              • Within 3 years evaluate: Acceptability, feasibility, and adaptability
              • Logic models
              • Results from this eval will be incorporated into longer term plan
            • Longer term goals
              • Greater than 3 years: adoption, sustainability, scalability, adaptability and improved health outcomes
              • Logic models
              • Results of this will be incorporated into road map
            • Decisions and Considerations
              • Provisioning workflow- need help from members
              • Data collection and submission report creation
                • Need to decide security mechanism solution
                • TTP certification
              • Receiving response/ack
                • In security mechanism solution, TTP certificate options
              • Handling Create update delete transactions in the API
            • Discussion with PH
              • GitHub link available in slides
              • Expect info re the reference arch on confluence
              • RE Handling create update delete transactions, will we consider just APIs or also consider messages
                • For content possibly use bundle for message header, similar to FHIR eCR
              • What is the driver for using FHIR messaging as opposed to subscriptions?
                • Use regular FHIR APIs (post, put, get, and delete)
                • The FHIR messaging part is just to specify the meta data for routing and use of intermediaries for research and PH use cases
                  • Adding those intermediaries shouldn’t necessarily require this, may consider whether or not intermediaries matter
                  • Folks are welcome to review the documentation, participate in implementation/connect-a-thon, and provide feedback
                • Initial IG will include:
                  • Less than 10 profiles (message header bundle, plan definition,…)
                  • Start from US Core for framework
                  • APIs on resources that are expected
                  • Subscription
                  • Not including the use case specific content; that will be in the use case IGs
                • What are the plans for the content use case IGs?
                  • Examples of the use cases will be in the initial IG,
                  • don’t know the timeline for the content IGs as of yet
                  • getting close on the data elements, possibly ballot next year
10 minUSCDI-ONDECCraig Newman
    • Inclusion of Travel History and Travel Plan
    • See list serve
    • Travel History
      • Travel History location
      • Travel History Dates
    • Travel Plans
      • Travel Plan Locations
      • Travel Plan Dates

Motion to approve- John Loonsk

Second- Danny

12,0,0 unanimous

5 minDiscussion/reminderswork group
  • Are all the FHIR-I sessions the same this week?
    • M, Tues, Thursday
    • Core content is the same
    • Some work groups may have had specific topics for the FHIR-I folks to discuss
    • Ph didn’t have anything specific to ask them about, so we included all sessions on our agenda
  • Reminder- Tuesday we are only meeting as a work group once at 2-4 eastern to get a SANER update

Action items