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Date: 20200921

Quarter: 12PM -1:30PM

Chair:  Erin Holt

Scribe:  Laura Rappleye

Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items

90 minutes

Organizing session 

  • Welcome and introductions 
  • Agenda review and plans for the week
  • Review and approve M&C/DMP/3-year plan
  • Any PSS review or other topics (if required)
  • HL7 process changes
  • Standards Status Review
  • STU comments on expired standards review

Agenda review and plans for the week

  • Reviewed the agenda
    • Quarter names = 
    • 12:00 EST = Q2
    • 2:00 EST = Q3
    • 4:00 EST = Q4
  • Jointly held meeting sponsored by another work group (FHIR I, 00) agendas our located under the sponsoring work group's agenda.

Reviewed the Mission and Charter

  • Added Occupational and Health to the mission's special areas of interest
  • Added Cross Group Projects to the charter's formal relationships with other HL7 groups
  • Motion:  to approve the two updates to the Mission and Charter  Genny Luensman/Craig Newman 18-0-0

Decision Making Practices (DMP)

  • Public Health uses HL7's standard DMP
  • Reviewed and discussed the DMP
  • Motion:  to reaffirm the use of HL7's DMP  Craig Newman/Genny Luensman 16-0-0

3 year plan - Public Health does not have an official plan

PSS review - no PSS needed for review

HL7 Process Changes

  • There is a Project Proposal process being piloted. The ultimate goal of this process is to allow all co-chairs to learn about the proposed new work and to identify a sponsoring Work Group (if the project doesn't already have one) and other interested parties. Once a sponsoring Work Group is identified, the next step is the creation of a Project Scope Statement (PSS).  It is currently an optional process but will most likely become a part of the project process.
  • All Zulip streams (CDA,V2) have been moved to
    • Discussed creating a Public Health WG stream
    • Zulip logs the discussion where the listserv does not
    • Keep in mind it is an option and may be useful for new projects
  • Use of Confluence for Projects
    • For transparency, projects are encouraged to use confluence to create minutes and post project decision that happen outside of the PH work group calls.
  • Standards Status Review
    •  As part of the clean-up of the HL7 Product Grid, work groups and Product Management Groups are asked to review the “current state” for active, stable and retired published standards they have sponsored. The current state of standards are displayed on the HL7 Product Grid (aka. Master Grid of Standards)  at
    • Current state definitions Characteristics of Standards Categories - Final
    • Reviewed and updated the spreadsheet of PH standards current state including noting follow up needed.
    • Motion:  to approve the PH standards current state status Craig Newman/Genny Luensman  18-0-0
  • STU Comments on Expired Standards Review
    • All specification feedback will be migrating to JIRA.  STU comments are included in the move to JIRA.  Expired STU's comments will not be migrated unless deemed by the work groups.  We have sent notices to project sponsors to determine if the expired STU comments should migrate.  One last notice went out today:  

      Please let us know by noon Friday whether or not comments associated with the projects listed below need to be migrated. We will discuss during our administrative wrap up session on Friday starting at 2pm eastern. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume that the comments associated with these projects do not need to be migrated and we will notify HQ.

Action items