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Chair:  Danny Wise

Scribe: Erin Holt  

  • Attendees



    AbdulMalik Shakir Hi3 Solutions
    Adele Stewart Double Lantern Informatics
    Asha Springer CDC/Vocabulary/
    Becky Angeles Carradora Health, Inc.
    Bryant T Karras (10 min late) WA State
    Chrissy Miner CDC/NCIRD/ISD
    Cindy Bush CDC/NCHS
    Crystal Snare WA DOH
    Danny Wise Allscripts
    Dave deRoode Lantana Consulting Group
    Erin Holt Coyne Tn Dept of Health
    Genny Luensman CDC/NIOSH
    Greg Shemancik MITRE/CodeX
    Joginder Madra Madra Consulting Inc.
    John Stamm Epic
    Kishore Bashyam Drajer Consulting
    Kristi Eckerson HLN Consulting
    Laura Rappleye Altarum
    Lux Phatak HLN Consulting, LLC
    Mead Walker MWC
    Mead Walker MWC
    Mead Walker MWC
    Mead Walker MWC
    Mead Walker MWC
    Mike Yaskanin Altarum
    Monica Burke DOH CYSHCN Program
    Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group
    Shaily Krishan CSTE

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    5 min Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval Minutes from last week were posted. VDRD posted for review and will be seeking approval on the 7th. No objections to approval. Minutes are approved as printed.
    30 min

    CodeX project (Greg Shemancik)

    • See slides in minutes from 11/05 workgroup call
    • Currently balloting
    • Branching tree of data elements
    • MCode has a Core set of elements- wants to extend this core set for cancer registry reporting and research
    • Use cases:
      • Numerous use cases, including cancer registry reporting
      • Goal to reduce pain points in reporting to cancer registry
      • Heard from CDC that is can take upwards of 30 months to receive the aggregate info at the national level. (CIBMTR)
      • Using mCode and FHIR
      • Want to be able to leverage this to support data reporting to both public and private registries
      • What is the triggering event? looking at MedMorph technical reference architecture to begin with
      • Transport is not actually in this IG, correct? Its more on content, correct? That is the understanding.
      • IS this a push from the EHR or FHIR queries? The CIBMTR has a FHIR app and is a push. MedMorph is FHR subscription based with minimal pushing from EHRs
      • Are you working with any local or state PH in addition to the CDC- YES! California.
      • Biweekly workgroup calls
      • Digital Bridge is also engaged
      • Another project going on in California using FHIR to move data from the death reporting system to the cancer registry. This CodeX project IS looking to make the California Cancer Registry FHIR enabled. Miter is helping with communications between states and CDC, but not internally within the state.
    • Phases:
      • Currently in phase 0- Coordination of California Proof of concept (<6months)
        • Leverage synthetic data
        • Push/pull data using SoF App/MedMorph
      • Phase 1- Full mCODE+ Extensions (Y1)
        • Full mCODE implementation
      • Phase 2: Standardized and Scalable (Y2)
        • Additional reporting sites
    • Confluence site established with HL7 with details on call schedules, documentation
    • Looking to create an implementation guide for the Cancer Registry Reporting use case
      • Planning to leverage a lot of MedMoprh which is just going to ballot in this cycle
      • There are plans to create content IGs for the 3 use cases, which include cancer
    • Project proposal submitted
    • Fairly recent change in process which requires a project proposal to get feedback from other work groups to identify the most appropriate/willing sponsoring workgroup
    • Probably need to sit down with the MedMorph team to see what profiles can be shared and how to proceed.
    • Seems like a fit for public health.
    • Would want to get a PSS circulated in January if you are planning for a Sept ballot. Will need to work with the FHIR management group
    • Greg is going to start the PSS and come back
    • Erin moves to approve agreement to sponsor the project proposal to seek TSC approval
    • AMS seconds
    • 17,0,0
    • Co-chairs will notify TSC
    20 min

    Pediatric Care Health IT Functional Profile (Pele Yu)

    PCHIT-FP Overview.pptx

    • Pediatric Care Health IT Functional Profile Project Overview
    • Tim Bennet- Drummond Group (ONC certified testing lab and certification body)
    • In response to CURES Act, which identifies the need for Health IT to work for kids
    • 10 specific recommendations needed to be included in a voluntary certification in addition to existing
    • We used to have a child’s health WG, but that was dissolved about 2 years ago
    • The EHR Child Health Functional Profile Release 1 was reaffirmed in 2019, but there has not be a release 2. Since over 50 EHRs have been certified as child health friendly having demonstrated capability to support this functional profile
    • Children’s EHR Format published by AHRQ
    • HL7 Pediatric Care Health IT Functional Profile to expand past the EHRs to include other relevant supporting systems
    • Project Proposal approved – hoping for a more robust functional profile
    • Would like to aim for Sept 2021 ballot.
    • Looking for partners in crime
    • Are we interested in co-sponsoring? Patient care is sponsor. CIC WG is also co-sponsor
    • Partners include Drummond and AHRQ.
    • Can you talk to newborn screening and Immunization registry reporting?
      • This would be discovered throughout the project, but of course would be important to the project.
      • Newborn screening would be important to testing and certification criteria
      • Drummond is involved in the ONC alternative to the immunization reporting certification and testing
    • Regarding what data elements are being concerned, this is functional profile, so it wont necessarily go into detail into the specific data elements, more workflow
    • Next steps: Interested party or co-sponsor? This seems more focused on clinical care and associated workflows. We could certainly be subject matter experts with regards to Birth Defects, Immunizations, and newborn screening. Could have joint meetings with the sponsoring workgroup to support those use cases.
    • Will send the formal PSS for our review and will rejoin us for a vote on interested party or co- sponsor.
    5 minCDA publishing Update (Danny Wise) Considerations given to using FHIR tooling for publishing CDA IGs. Learning more- if concerns or questions please let a co-chair know.