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Craig Newman, Eric Larson, Kevin Snow, Nathan Bunker, Brian Lee, Grey Faulkenberry

Discussion items

    • No updates on the outstanding IG publishing issues (due to too much COVID stuff going on)
      • Probably won't happen until January
    • At this point we don't think any of the new COVID requirements impact Phase 1 of this project
      • This may be more of an impact in Phase 2 when we start adding more clinical content
      • It does illustrate the need for automation for vocabulary support
    • Grey is still hoping to pilot a recommendation app in the Dominican Republic next year
      • Their recommendations are typically a set of vaccines to give at a particular age
        • No real support for missed doses or "what if" scenarios
      • Using Google's Flutter to create support for FHIR
      • Grey will tentatively provide a demo in December
    • The WHO project from earlier this year as given to a Canadian group
      • Grey will be reaching out to see if there are collaboration opportunities

Action items