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Chair:  Erin Holt Coyne

Scribe: Craig Newman 

  • Attendees



    AbdulMalik Shakir Hi3 Solutions
    Carmela Couderc CodeX
    Cindy Bush CDC/NCHS
    Craig Newman Altarum
    Crystal Snare WA DOH
    Erin Holt Coyne TN Dept of Health
    Genny Luensman CDC/NIOSH
    Greg Shemancik CodeX
    John Stamm Epic
    Johna Peterson WA/DOH
    Jonathan Cox OZ Systems
    Kishore Bashyam Carradora Health - Drajer Consulting
    Kyle Stohr WA State Department of Health
    Laura Rappleye Altarum
    Lux Phatak HLN Consulting, LLC
    Melanie Epstein-Corbin CDPH
    Mike Yaskanin Altarum
    Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group
    Thanh Cheng Altarum
    Zabrina Gonzaga Lantana Consulting Group

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    Meeting Minutes from Discussion

    Management Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval 
    • No new items for the agenda
    • The 2020-2025 Federal Health IT Strategic Plan has been published - there is a webinar on Monday
    • ONC is begining to review the suggestions for the next USCDI version including PH suggested content
      • They are still accepting comments on suggested data elements as they are being reviewed
    MethodologyFinal Ballot Recon spreadsheet approval for BDR DAM
    • The Birth Defect Reporting Domain Analysis Model (BDR DAM) was balloted in Sept 2020
    • The WG has been working on ballot recon since then
      • The final comments were disposed on 10/22
    • The completed ballot recon spreadsheet was sent to the listserv on 10/29 for final approval
      • No additional comments have been received
    • Motion to approve the final spreadsheet (Thanh Cheng/Mike Yaskanin 18-0-1)
    • Craig will post the final spreadsheet to the ballot site (done)
    • The project team will apply the changes and come back to the WG in the future with an updated document and request to publish
    Methodology CodeX proposed project
    • Project Proposal - PSS-1667
    • CodeX Cancer Registry Reporting, Public Health HL7 WG.pptx
    • CodeX is a FHIR accelerator project
      • The CDC is participating
      • The Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR) is another partner
        • They are a private registry
    • mCode is the minimal common oncology data elements (currently an FHIR IG)
    • CodeX is Common Oncology Data Elements eXtension
    • Current use cases include Cancer Registry Reporting
    • Aiming for a low-burden standardized (FHIR) way to report cancer data from cancer centers to registries that are aggregating data for a variety of purposes including research, public health monitoring and accountable care
    • MedMorph is a related standard creating a reference architecture for PH reporting
    • A pilot is planned for California
      • Health systems include UCSF, UCLA, Stanford and City of Hope all of who report to CIBMTR)
      • The initial phase kicked off in late October 2020
      • The project will be convening Terminology and Technical Architecture groups 
        • All are currently on Epic
    • The WG has sponsored previous cancer reporting standards
      • The goal is not replace existing reporting exchanges, it's meant as a supplement to existing standards
    • Craig will register WG interest in being a sponsor or co-sponsor when the project moves to the PSS phase
     Adjourned at 4:34PM Eastern

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  1. Monthly Meeting Minutes   This is where you can find the link to register for the next CodeX Community of Practice meeting (November 20) where Robinette Renner from CIBMTR will present on the cancer registry reporting work.