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Chair:  Danny Wise

Scribe: Joginder Madra





AbdulMalik Shakir Hi3 Solutions (a Shakir Consulting company)
Alaina Gregory CDC/NCHS
Austin Kreisler Leidos
Chrissy Miner CDC/NCIRD
Cindy Bush CDC/NCHS
Craig Newman Altarum
Daniel Rutz Epic
Danny Wise Allscripts
Dave deRoode Lantana Consulting Group
Erin Holt TN Dept of Health
Erin Roche Public Health Informatics Institute
Joginder Madra Madra Consulting Inc.
John Loonsk APHL/JHU
Justine Maxwell TN DOH
Kishore Bashyam Drajer
Laura Rappleye Altarum
Lura Daussat Public Health Informatics Institute
Nosipho Beaufort Public Health Informatics Institute
Rita Altamore WA State Dept of Health
Shaily Krishan CSTE
Stacy Proctor LANES
Thanh Cheng Altarum

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1Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval

COVID 19 Resource Library FHIR IG (Susan Matney) - 15 min


Susan Matney provided information about the Logica COVID-19 FHIR Profile Library IG:

  • Is this really an IG or a another kind of product altogether?  Other projects have similar observations.  IG appears to be the "best" home for this kind of project...but it should be a present for the FHIR Management Group.
  • There appears to be some overlap between content referenced in this PSS and other PHWG standards
  • Motion for the PHWG to a co-sponsor of the Covid-19 FHIR Profile Library IG PSS (AbdulMalik Shakir, Sarah Gaunt)
    • Approved (25-0-0)
  • Motion for the PHWG to allocate time on a future call to formally review the Covid-19 FHIR Profile Library IG PSS prior to it going to TSC (AbdulMalik Shakir, Sarah Gaunt)
    • Approved (25-0-0)

electronic Case Reporting (eCR) update (John Loonsk, Laura Conn, Sarah Gaunt) - 15 min

John Loonsk provided an eCR update:

  • Prior to Covid, eCR had a small number of implementation sites. 
  • Now in use at over 3000 sites for Covid-19 reporting
  • eCR named as an alternative for new HHS lab data Ask on Order Entry questions

Next Steps:

  • collecting requirements for CDA eICR v2.1 or 3.0 and FHIR eCR v1.1 or 2.0 (includes eICR, RR and eRSD)
  • CDA eICR 2.0 will not advance to production
  • in the process of implementing FHIR infrastructure on APGL AIMS platform to also support full FHIR specification
  • Continue to test at FHIR Connectacthos
4SANER- Project Sponsor update (David Pyke)- 10 minutes

David Pyke provided an update:

  • Scope now includes aggregated case counts
  • Motion that the PHWG become the sponsor of the project and Patient Administration be the co-sponsor (Austin Kreisler, Craig Newman)
    • Approved (18-0-0)
  • David Pyke will set up calls in the PHWG calendar (Mondays and Fridays)

Birth Defect project update (Craig Newman) - 15 min

Deferred to next call
Adjourned at 17h05 (eastern)

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