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Chair:  Joginder Madra

Scribe: Laura Rappleye 





AbdulMalik Shakir Hi3 Solutions
Alaina Gregory CDC
Alean Kirnak Software Partners LLC
Austin Kreisler Leidos
catherine staes university of utah
Cindy Bush CDC/NCHS
Craig Newman Altarum
Crystal Snare WA Dept of HEalth
Daniel Rutz
Dave deRoode Lantana Consulting Group
Devann Kirkpatrick TN Dept of Health
Freida Hall Quest Diagnostics
Genny Luensman CDC/NIOSH
Jim Jellison Public Health Informatics Institute
Joginder Madra Madra Consulting Inc.
Kathy Walsh LabCorp
Laura Rappleye Altarum
Mead Walker MWC
Melanie Epstein-Corbin CA Dpt Public Health
Mike Yaskanin Altarum
Nosipho Beaufort Public Health Informatics Institute
Richard Hornaday Allscripts
Shaily Krishan CSTE
Will Rosenfeld IBM

Minutes Approved as Presented 


This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

1.Agenda Review and Minutes ApprovalMeeting minutes approved via general consent
2.HHS ELR requirements (Dan Rutz) 

Discussed June 4th New Requirement:  Public Law 116-136, § 18115(a), the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, requires “every laboratory that performs or analyzes a test that is intended to detect SARSCoV-2 or to diagnose a possible case of COVID-19” to report the results from each such test to
the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

  • Reporting from Lab to local PHA and then PHA will forward to Federal level
  • This was a follow up discussion from the Orders and Observations call earlier today
  • Looking for jurisdictional feedback on the requirements 
    • Rikki Merrick and Craig Newman started an analysis between the data elements for laboratory reporting and LOI, LRI and ELR L1
    • Rikki is working with CSTE to get clarification on the new requirements
    • Members are encouraged to review the data elements and compare with existing LOINC codes
    • Discussion around how the requirements fit with existing ELR and ECR workflows and standards
    • Follow up discussion will continue next week
3.Withdrawal of BSeR CDA IG (John Loonsk)
  • The original intent of the project was to develop both a CDA and FHIR implementation guide
  • Given several issues with a CDA implementation, the CDA will no longer be pursued
  • The formal process to withdrawal the CDA IG was initiated
  • Motion: Withdraw the BSeR CDA IG
    • Craig Newman/AbdulMalik Shakir  37-0-0
  • Next steps - Submit to TSC for approval

4.Vital Records Domain Analysis Model - May 2020 Ballot Reconciliation
  • The ballot recon with proposed dispositions was sent to the PH listserv last week
  • The intent was to vote on block one today but members (Craig Newman and Sarah Gaunt) reported they did not get the e-mail
  • Craig's comments were pulled from block 1 and will be placed in block 2
  • The following items were reviewed, dispositioned and motioned for approval
    • Items 1,2,16, 17 Disposition - non persuasive, Motion: AbdulMalik Shakir/Sarah Gaunt 29-0-0
    • Items 3, 18 Disposition - non persuasive, Motion: AbdulMalik Shakir/Sarah Gaunt 29-0-0
    • Items 163, 171, 173, 176 Disposition - persuasive, Motion: AbdulMalik Shakir/Sarah Gaunt 29-0-0
  • Next steps - AMS will post block 2 for next week's ballot recon
5.VRDR FHIR IG use of US Core Profiles
  1. VRDR FHIR IG use of US Core Profiles.docx
  • AbdulMalik Shakir will be meeting with US Realm Steering Committee regarding the issue previously discussed on the use of US core profiles in the IG
6.Vital Records Death Reporting V2.6 IG (Mead Walker)
  • Comments on the implementation guide were addressed, the implementation guide was updated
  • Motion:  to move forward with the publication of the Vital Records Death Reporting V2.6 IG  Mead Walker/Craig Newman 28-0-0

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