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Craig, Grey, Heather, Eric, Daryl

Discussion items

FHIR bundle review
  • Create Jira ticket to create more (and more complex) examples and guidance
    • including multiple recommendations, recommending vaccine groups versus vaccine products, what all is considered to be a "vaccine code" (eg specific product (eg down to formulation specific CVX or even NDC), vaccine group
  • Dig up the previous discussion on why targetDisease is only 0..1 rather than 0..*
Confirm value set content
  • Will take up next week
  • Looking at code sets
Clinical Content Expansion

Notes from last time:

  • Discussed the potential scope of what a FHIR Questionnaire resource would look like
  • The HALO document doesn't cover (at the same level of granularity) all of the CDSi possible coded observations
  • Should we try to keep the Questionnaire limited to the HALO document (with a few clarifications where it's needed - like for "certain chronic diseases")
  • Or are the CDC harmonized schedules for children and adults a better document to replicate in a questionnaire?

Craig started mocking up a Questionnaire profile and instances of a CDC Harmonized Schedule questionnaire instance

  • We will come back in 2 weeks (May 22) and compare the profile to the HAI questionnaire profiles and see what constraints we want to put on it
  • We can also discussion if we want two Questionnaire instances (one for adult and one for child) or just a single one with logic controlling the questions based on the subject's age

Action items