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Chair:  @Joginder Madra

Scribe: @Laura Rappleye 





AbdulMalik Shakir Hi3 Solutions
Arun Srinivasan CDC
Chrissy Miner CDC/NCIRD/ISD
Cindy Bush CDC
Craig Newman Altarum
Danny Wise Allscripts
Dave deRoode Lantana Consulting Group
Devann Kirkpatrick TN Dept of Health
Eric Larson AIRA
Genny Luensman CDC/NIOSH
Joginder Madra Madra Consulting Inc.
Karla Norsworthy NC
Kevin Snow Envision Technology
Laura Rappleye Altarum
Leslye Rauth Member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Lura Daussat Public Health Informatics Institute
Mike Flanigan Carradora Health, Inc.
Mike Yaskanin Altarum
Nathan Bunker American Immunization Registry Association
Richard Hornaday

Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

ManagementAgenda Review and Minutes Approval
  • No changes to the agenda
  • Motion:  Approve Feb. 13th minutes ( Laura Rappleye/Craig Newman 37-0-0)
MethodologyMedMorph PSS (Nagesh Bashyam)
  • The Making EHR Data More Available for Research and Public Health (MedMorph) PSS was reviewed.
    • Discussion:
      • An aggressive timeline but timelines can be revised
      • EHR vendors are not listed as implementers
      • Concern reference architecture will only encompass and test the 3 use cases (point to point) and not an architecture for multiple use cases
      • Recommended to add the Digital Bridge group as a collaborator
      • PH WG requests to receive regular updates on the progress
  • Motion:  Approve PSS with the modifications of adding EHR vendors as implementers, Digital Bridge as collaborators, the goal is incremental and will evolve and the PH work group will receive regular updates.  (Nagesh Bashyam/Sarah Gaunt 35-0-0)

Approval of completed EHDI/CCHD ballot recon (Craig Newman) 

    1. ballotcomments_V26_IG_CCHD_R1_N2_2020FEB.xls
    2. ballotcomments_V26_IG_EHDI_R1_N2_2020FEB.xls
  • Reconciliation for both implementation guides was completed on last week's PH work group call
  • A notice was sent to the listserv last week.  No comments were received.
  • Motion:  to finalize the ballot reconciliation for EHDI and CCHD (Craig Newman/Lura Daussat 27-0-0)
  • Next steps:  Post the IGs for members only, send notification to the listserv, request for publication at the March 5th work group meeting

Question about previous work on exposure history (Craig Newman)
  • Craig received the exposure question from Floyd Eisenburg.  Little detail was given on the reason for the question.
  • PH has done work on exposure years ago.  There are pockets of exposure related items in ODH and eCR.
  • Craig will get in touch with Floyd and ask him to post his question with details on the listserv.

Sydney WGM update (Alean Kirnak)

CCD example.docx

IZ activity model.msg

notes Q1 Wed.msg

SDIR MatchMerge Interface Specifications Ver 4.3 for Sydney.docx

  • Alean shared the documents from the Sydney WGM for others to review
  • Several concerns were voiced in an AIRA and CDC meeting regarding the Sydney discussion
  •  Craig and Alean will provide a summary of the Sydney discussion and concerns on a later call.
Management Next agenda
 Adjourned at

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