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  • Craig Newman

  • Nathan Bunker
  • Brian Lee
  • Daryl Chertcoff
  • Eric Larson
  • Heather Patrick

Discussion items

Publication Plans
  • All ballot recon is complete
  • Nathan is still implementing changes to the spec
    • Nathan did go through all the ballot recon items and has created GitHub tickets for all of them
    • Nathan should have some changes made by next week
  • When we're ready, we'll need a Publication Request
    • PH WG - aim to get an updated version ready for review at the end of February
    • FMG
  • Connectathon
    • Craig talk to John Loonsk about including this project in the PH track in San Antonio and John is happy to include us in the track
    • We may still defer until the September WGM
    • Brian hopes to get to at least one connectathon this year (not sure which one yet)
    • Daryl is not sure about May but will target getting to the September one
Value sets
  • List of Value Sets which still need work:
      • ImmunizationRecommendation.recommendation.forecastReason and forecastStatus
        • Forecast Status and Reason Value Sets 
        • Decision from 1/31/2020 on value sets
          • Forecast Statuses (Preferred Binding):
            Not Complete
            Not Recommended
            Aged Out
            Conditional - not all systems have implement the risk based recommendations and a given recommendation may need provider input or requiring Shared Decision Making (will come back to this next week to finalize if this is one concept or two)

            Forecast Reasons (Example Binding):
            Patient Series is Complete
            Not Recommended Due to Immunization History
            Patient Has Exceeded Maximum Age
            Past Seasonal Recommendation End Date
            Complete for the Season

            Note that there isn't general con census about the set of codes (thus it's still just an example binding)
            Call out the ability to use the text element of CodeableConcept if there isn't a coded reason available

  • Closed unless Nathan has questions during implementation of the change
Clinical Content Expansion

Action items



  1. Craig Newman I am interested in the "Adverse Reaction  - Observation linked to an Immunization" aspect here. Do you mean AdverseEvent?

    1. Will Rosenfeld We've talked to the Patient Care work group about the use of AdverseEvent and it sounds like AdverseEvent is more about documenting the follow up to an adverse event (causality determination) rather than the documentation of the event itself (this was not what we expected to be honest). The data about the adverse reaction (hives, vomiting, anaphylaxis, etc) would actually be captured as an Observation (or maybe Condition I suppose). An AdverseEvent may be created later to follow up on for determining if the event was preventable (foreseeable) or not. For this purpose, we did update AdverseEvent.suspectEntity.instance to be able to reference an Immunization resource. There is a rather lengthy discussion of this on a Zulip thread ( from last year. There is a .reaction backbone element in Immunization that can be used to point to an Observation of the adverse reaction.

  2. Hi Craig NewmanThank you for both your explanation above and the link to the larger discussion in Zulip. Both were very helpful!