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Chair: Joginder Madra

Scribe: Danny Wise




Alaina Gregory CDC
Chrissy Miner CDC
Cindy Bush CDC
Craig Newman Altarum
Danny Wise Allscripts
Dave deRoode Lantana Consulting Group
Erin Holt Coyne Tn Dept of Health
Jim Jellison Public Health Informatics Institute
Joginder Madra Madra Consulting Inc.
John Roberts TN Dept. of Health
Lisa Nelson Max MD
Lura Daussat Public Health Informatics Institute
Matt Lord .
Mike Yaskanin Altarum
Sarah Gaunt Lantana Consulting Group
Sarah Shaw Oz systems
Shu McGarvey CDC
Tony Steyermark MN Dept of Health
Wendy Wise Lantana


  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval - 5 min
  2. SOA Model-Based Transformation Service Ballot Material Formal Review (Matt Lord) - 20 min
  3. EHDI and CCHD block 3 votes (Craig) - 10 min
    1. ballotcomments_V26_IG_EHDI_R1_N1_2018SEP_Block_3.xls
    2. ballotcomments_V26_IG_CCHD_R1_N1_2018SEP_Block_3.xls
    3. resolve the last outstanding comment
  4. NHCS CDA IG - Block Vote and Comment disscussion - 20 mins (Dave, Sarah)

Discussion items





5 min.Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalJoginder MadraNov. 21st minutes approved 16-0-0 (motion: Craig, second: Dave)
20 min.SOA Model-Based Transformation Service Ballot Material Formal ReviewMatt Lord

Matt provided an overview and status update for the SOA WG's HL7 Cross Paradigm Model Transformation Service project

  • In 2017 an IG was published, but PH-related gaps were identified
  • For-comment ballot in May 2019 – some PH-related comments were submitted then
  • The goal of the project is to build a functional model for transform services (e.g., CDA to FHIR)
  • PH use cases haven't been highest priority thus far
  • The project is going to ballot for the Feb. 2020 cycle – consensus group sign-up is open now!
  • For those interested in further participation, sign up for the SOA WG listserv.
10 min.EHDI and CCHD block 3 votes (Craig)Craig Newman
  • Block 3 approved for both IGs 18-0-0 (motion: Craig, second: Lura)
  • 2 outstanding comments reviewed (same 2 comments for both IGs) and approved 18-0-0 (motion: Craig, second: Lura)
    • CCHD comment 52 / EHDI comment 28 about "{}" in OBX-6 for unit-less measurements – Persuasive w/ Mod: requirement for "{}" will be removed, OBX-6 will be made C(RE/O) depending on OBX-2 data type and bound to the UCUM value set
    • CCHD comment 71 / EHDI comment 77 about double-quotes for null data – Persuasive w/ Mod: IG will explicitly indicate Snapshot Mode, and references to double-quotes will be removed
  • This concludes Ballot Recon for these 2 IGs – recon packages will be posted (which is a pre-req. before these IGs can go to Normative Ballot, which is planned for Feb. 2020)
  • The Normative Ballot packages will be presented for approval at next week's meeting – final content submission deadline for Feb. 2020 ballot cycle is Dec. 22.
20 min.NHCS CDA IG - Block Vote and Comment disscussionDave deRoode / Sarah Gaunt

See ballot reconciliation spreadsheet

  • Comments 1 & 32 (duplicates from different commenters) pulled from block vote
  • Block 2 (7 comments) approved 18-0-0 (motion: Sarah, second: Cindy)
  • Discussion about comments 1 & 32 about treatment / usage for Primary Diagnosis vs. Principal Diagnosis templates – some had occurred via e-mail prior to the call, finalized with Lisa on the call
    • Comment resolutions approved 17-0-0 (motion: Sarah, second: Lisa)
  • This concludes ballot resolution for this IG – final approval will be requested next week.

Action items