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  • Craig Newman

  • Richard Ettema
  • Nathan Bunker
  • Heather Patrick
  • Daryl Chertcoff
  • Brian Lee

Discussion items

Outstanding Jan 2018 gForge Tickets
  • A couple of tickets were not disposed of
    • 14910
      • Persuasive - we need to update our profiles to reference our ImmDS Patient profile
        • This will require a new Immunization profile rather than just using the US Core Immunization profile
    • 14925
      • Persuasive - broken links will be fixed
    • Craig will review this dispositions with the PH work group and get this official approval
    • Richard will run a demo for us on know to update the IG
    • Can the remaining (disposed of) tickets have their status updated to Applied or some other non-open status?
      • Craig will go into the other Jan 2018 gForge tickets and set the status to Applied as they have all been integrated into the new (Sept 2019) version of the IG
Ballot Recon

    • For presenting to the CDS WG to address their concerns
      • Nathan has reached out to Bryn but he hasn't responded yet
    • It still doesn't seem to be a good match for our use case
    • Everyone should review and make comments
  • Ballot#2 Discussion
    • see Proposed Disposition column on the Confluence page
    • Started with #10
    • Skipped # 13, #14 and # 16 and will need to come back 
Error Conditions
  • Brian went through the operation outcomes relative to the errors he sends back
    • They seem to match pretty well
  • He created some examples and put it in a Git repository
  • Brian will send stuff to Nathan to document in Confluence
  • We'll need to figure out how to integrate this in the IG as error examples

Action items