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AbdulMalik Shakir Hi3 Solutions
Alaina Gregory CDC
Cindy Bush CDC/NCHS
Craig Newman Altarum
Crystal Snare Wash Dept of Health
Danny Wise Allscripts
David deRoode Lantana
Erin Holt Coyne TN Dept of Health
Fred Rogers ?
John Loonsk APHL
John Roberts TN Dept of Healt
Karla Norsworthy NC Dept of Health
Laura Rappleye Altarum
Mead Walker MWC
Mike Yaskanin Altarum
Pat Quinlan Allscripts
Rita Altimore Wash Dept of Health
Sarah Gaunt Lantana


  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval - 5 min
  2. BSeR FHIR IG ballot reconciliation (AMS) - 15 min
    1. 13 - Provisions for both messaging and RESTful workflows
    2. ballotcomments_FHIR_IG_BSeR_R1_D2_2019MAY (version 2).xls
    3. BSeR FHIR IG May 2019 Ballot Reconciliation comment group 13.pptx
  3. VRDR FHIR IG ballot reconciliation (AMS) - 15 min
    1. 14 - Resolution of internal and external inconsistencies (Block Vote)
    2. ballotcomments_FHIR_IG_VRDR_R1_D1_2019MAY (version 2).xls
  4. v2.6 VRDR IG ballot reconciliation (Mead) -15 min
  5. HAI LTCF CDA & FHIR approval to go to ballot (Dave/Sarah) - 5 mins
  6. NHCS CDA IG approval to publish (Sarah) - 5 mins
  7. Immunization CDS FHIR IG review (Craig) - 2 min

Discussion items





5 min.Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalErinLast week's minutes approved (motion: AbdulMalik, second: Craig) 12-0-0
15 min.BSeR FHIR IG ballot reconciliation AbdulMalik

See ballotcomments_FHIR_IG_BSeR_R1_D2_2019MAY (version 2).xls

Comment group 13 (comments #s 31, 32, 37, 73, 78, 79, 80, 82, 87, 108) about RESTful flows, alignment with 360x, MessageHeader & Task resource usage, and Direct messaging

Comment group 13 approved (motion: AbdulMalik, second: Mead second) 14-0-0
5 min.VRDR FHIR IG ballot reconciliation AbdulMalikBlock 14 vote tabled so that notice can be distributed out to listserv
15 min.v2.6 VRDR IG ballot reconciliation


See V26_IG_VRDR_2019MAY_Craig_N_ReconUpdate7.18.xls

  • Comment #s 85, 86, 99, and 105 regarding cascading conditionality of address fields in XAD data type
    • "Persuasive" disposition approved (motion: Mead, second: John R.) 11-0-2
    • will change all fields to RE
    • will allow text for city / county from providers or FIPS codes from VR to NCHS
  • Comment 88 – should receiver assume “US” is the default country if not explicitly populated?
    • “Question Answered” ("yes") approved (motion: Mead, second: AbdulMalik) 12-0-1
  • Comment 91 – does “Y” for XAD.8 (“Other Geographic Designation”) mean “inside city limits?”
    • "Question Answered" ("yes") approved (motion: Mead, second: Craig) 12-0-0
5 min.HAI LTCF CDA & FHIR approval to go to ballotDave D. / Sarah
  • Zabrina set out pre-publication package last week (July 11)
  • CDA IG to ballot approved (motion: Sarah, second: Craig) 12-0-0
  • FHIR IG to ballot approved (motion: Sarah, second: Craig) 12-0-0
5 min.NHCS CDA IG approval to publish Sarah
  • Ballot reconciliation complete, pre-publication notice sent out last week (July 12)
  • IG publication approved (Sarah move, Cindy second), 12-0-0
  • Sarah will send to CDA mgm’t. group for final approval
2 min.

Immunization CDS FHIR IG review

  • NIB was approved June 13
  • Notice sent last week (July 12)
  • IG to ballot approved (Craig move, Sarah second), 12-0-0

Action items