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AbdulMalik Shakir Hi3 Solutions
Alaina Gregory CDC
Craig Newman Altarum
Cynthia (Cindy) Bush CDC/NCHS
Danny Wise Allscripts
David DeRoode Lantana
Emilie Lamb ISDS
Erin Holt Coyne TN Dept of Health
George Dixon Allscripts
John Loonsk JHU
John Roberts Tennessee Dept. of Health
Laura Rappleye Altarum
Michelle Clinkscales South Dakota
Peter Hicks CDC
Rita Altamore State of Washington
Sarah Gaunt Lantana
Shandy Dearth ISDS
Shu McGarvey Northrop Grumman


  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval - 5 min

    1. WGM minute approval
  2. Hold for PSS review (TBD) - 10 min
    1. Gender Harmony
    2. Go to this JIRA link:, which has the link to the actual PSS (Gender Harmony Project PSS)
  3. BSeR FHIR IG ballot reconciliation (AMS) - 15 min
    1. Comment group 6: Use the Task resource to manage workflow status
    2. Comment group 7: Use slicing instead of bundles to partition allowed content by disease area
    3. ballotcomments_FHIR_IG_BSeR_R1_D2_2019MAY (version 2).xls
  4. VRDR FHIR IG ballot reconciliation (AMS) - 15 min
    1. Comment group 2: Affiliation of referenced team members
    2. Comment group 7: Decedent Employment History
    3. ballotcomments_FHIR_IG_VRDR_R1_D1_2019MAY (version 2).xls
  5. TEFCA comments (Craig) - 5 min
  6. Syndromic Surveillance Ballot Recon Block 18 (Emilie Lamb)
    1. ballotcomments_V251_IG_SYNDROM_SURV_R1_D1_2018MAY block 18.xls

Discussion items





5 min.Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalLaura
  • Minutes from May 2019 WGM in Montreal approved (motion: Craig, second: AbdulMalik) 14-0-0
  • Minutes from May 16th call approved (motion: Craig, second: AbdulMalik) 14-0-0
10 min.Gender Harmony PSS review Craig
  • At the Jan. 2019 WGM in San Antonio, a discussion with the Vocab WG was held about "non-binary" gender
    • "X" was approved as a short-term value for "non-binary"
  • That discussion kicked off a new project to harmonize different gender concepts (e.g., birth sex vs. administrative sex) as well as values (beyond male vs. female) across different HL7 product families
  • Project Confluence page:
  • Deliverable will be a white paper
  • Changes to external code sets (e.g., SNOMED, LOINC) are out-of-scope, as are preferred pronouns when interacting with patients
  • Vocab WG is project sponsor
  • At the May 2019 WGM in Montreal, PHWG preliminarily agreed to be co-sponsor
  • Sarah suggested removing references to "SexyType" in the PSS
  • PSS / PHWG co-sponsorship approved (motion: John R., second: Craig) 14-0-0
15 min.VRDR FHIR IG ballot reconciliation AbdulMalik
  • Comment group 2 (comments 93, 94, and 95) – update / correct affiliation designations for project team members
    • approved (motion: AbdulMalik, second: John R.) 14-0-0
  • Comment group 7 (comments 40, 159, 160) – align with ODH
    • approval to start work on alignment (motion: AbdulMalik, second: John) 14-0-0
    • if during the course of that work (particularly for comment 40 about re-using existing ODH FHIR profile), any substantive changes are deemed necessary, those changes will be brought back to this WG for further approval
15 min.BSeR FHIR IG ballot reconciliation AbdulMalik
  • Comment group 6 (comments 7, 110, 114, and 116) – make Task the focus of the MessageHeader or Bundle to allow for RESTful operations and state machine transactions to align with 360X
    • approved (motion: AbdulMalik, second: Sarah) 15-0-1
  • Comment group 7 (comments 11 and 151) – instead of a single Bundle of Bundles for referral requests, use separate referral request Bundles with supportingInfo slices for each referral condition (the condition itself is otherwise specified in the referral request)
    • approved (motion: AbdulMalik, second: Sarah) 16-0-0
15 min.Syndromic Surveillance Ballot Recon Block 18 Emilie
  • Comments 121 and 124 – message timing
    • Updated to 12 hours maximum between trigger event and delivery to the PHA; references to batch frequency removed
    • John R. expressed concern about the wording indicating a preference for real-time messaging since that could incur a higher technology cost for PHAs to support – disposition was further reworded to indicate that real-time and batch are both allowed without indicating preference
  • Comment 142 – while no use case was found for DG1-20, the disposition was reworded to indicate that since it is not explicitly defined in this IG, its usage defaults to what's in the V2.5.1 base standard, which indicates that it is "optional" anyway
  • Block 18 approved (motion: Emilie, second: Erin)
  • This concludes ballot reconciliation for this IG
5 min. TEFCA comments Craig ran out of time – will table until next week

Action items