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Chair:  Joginder Madra

Scribe: Craig Newman





AbdulMalik Shakir Shakir Consulting
Alaina Gregory CDC
Craig Newman Altarum
Danny Wise Allscripts
George Dixon Allscripts
Ifeoma Okafor State of Michigan
Joginder Madra Madra Consulting Inc.
John Roberts Tennessee Dept. of Health
Laura Rappleye Altarum
Lura Daussat Public Health Informatics Institute
Mike Yaskanin Altarum
Pat Quinlan Allscripts
Peter Hicks CDC
Rachelle May-Gentile Altarum
Rita Altamore State of Washington
Thanh Cheng Altarum
Tim DeMint Altarum


  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval - 5 min
  2. PAC updates (Craig) -5 min
    1. ONC/CMS comments
    2. TEFCA comments
  3. WGM Follow up (Craig) - 5 min
    1. New attendance page
    2. May 24 deadline for Jan 2020 PSSs
      1. electronic form
    3. Projects likely to ballot in September
      1. CDS immunization FHIR IG
      2. HAI LTCF
    4. Possible reballots?
  4. Hold for PSS review (TBD) - 10 min
    1. Birth defects (Craig)
  5. Syndromic Surveillance Ballot Recon Block 17 (Dave Trepanier) - 15 minutes
    1. ballotcomments_V251_IG_SYNDROM_SURV_R1_D1_2018MAY block 17.xls

Discussion items





5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalCraig
  • No changes to the agenda
  • Motion to approve minutes from the 5/2 call (Craig Newman/Laura Rappleye 14-0-0)
  • In the next few weeks, AMS and Mead will be sending out block votes for a couple of ballot items
  • Reminder that any harmonization (vocabulary) proposals are due 6/14
5 minPAC UpdatesCraig
    • Based on discussions in Montreal, PAC has quite a few edits to make to the comments letter for the proposed rules
    • They expect to have an updated draft of comments next week
    • PAC is collecting comments on the proposed TEFCA document
    • There are some implications for public health
      • Push messaging
      • Removal of population level queries
      • Emphasis on IHE profiles rather than FHIR
      • Fees
    • WG comments are due to PAC on May 30th
    • This topic will be added to the May 23rd and May 30th agendas
      • Please send any comments you have for WG review to a co-chair
5 minWGM UpdatesCraig
  • New attendance process
    • Like during WGM, each week the minutes page will have a "check in" box where each attendee will enter their name and affiliation
  • Will look to approve minutes next week
    • please review these for approval next week
  • The TSC announced a May 24th deadline for getting PSSs submitted to the PMO for the January 2020 ballot cycle
    • Submission to the PMO requires sponsoring WG approval
      • This will leave several months to get the remaining approvals before the August TSC approval deadline
        • Steering Division
        • Co-sponsoring WGs
        • ARB, Realm approval, FMG, etc 
    • A new online form is available (How to Create a PSS from Template)
    • The Confluence PSS page should be put in the PH PSS section of Confluence
  • The following projects are expected to go for ballot in September
    • CDS immunization FHIR IG
    • HAI LTCF
      • The previously approved NIB has been entered
    • let one of the co-chairs know if there are other projects intended to ballot in September
10 minPSS reviewCraig
  • There is a proposal for a new birth defects DAM and FHIR IG
    • Birth defects 
    • The DAM would look to ballot in May 2020 (although it could be January 2020 if things go faster than expected
      • Jurisdictions and CDC will likely be involved 
    • The FHIR IG (and possibly tweaks to the existing CDA IG) would look to ballot in September 2020
    • There could be an additional third phase to explore data exchanges beyond just the initial reporting of birth defects
    • Current reporting is typically via a flat file (delimited, fixed width, etc)
    • Motion to approve the PSS - Craig Newman/John Roberts (15-0-0)
15 minSyndromic Surveillance Ballot Recon Block 17Dave
  • ballotcomments_V251_IG_SYNDROM_SURV_R1_D1_2018MAY block 17 post vote.xls
  • Block 17
  • Comments 121 and 124 relates to the promptness for reporting
    • The following wording will be used, "Electronic transmission to the PHA shall occur at the time of the visit if feasible, but not later than 12 hours from the start of the visit. A delay in transmission should only come into effect in unusual circumstances, such as a system failure or power outage."
    • Additional work is needed on the surrounding verbiage
      • Pulling this for now, Dave will bring it back to the group on a future call for approval
  • Comment 126
    • Peter Hicks will provide appropriate HIPAA references
    • The IG is a US Realm document
  • Comment 141
    • DG1-18 won't be required, but it is optional so that implementers can exchange it if desired
  • Motion to approve block 17 minus comments 121 and 124 - Dave Trepanier/Craig Newman 13-0-0

Action items