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  • Craig Newman (Chair)

  • Danny Wise (Scribe)
  • AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Alaina Gregory
  • Bill Storm
  • Cynthia Bush
  • David deRoode
  • Dave Trepanier
  • Janet Hui
  • Joginder Madra
  • John Loonsk
  • John Roberts
  • Jus Maxwell
  • Laura Rappleye
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Mead Walker
  • Rita Altamore
  • Sarah Gaunt

Discussion items





5 min.Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalCraig Newman
15 min.Syndromic IG Ballot Recon block 15Dave Trepanier
  • block 15 (12 comments) approved (motion: Dave T., second: Erin) 12-0-2
    • comment 3 about Original vs. Enhanced Acknowledgement Modes – dispositioned as "Persuasive with Mod" that Enhanced Mode will not be prohibited if agreed to by trading partners
    • comments 168 & 173 about references to PHIN MS – dispositioned as "Persuasive with Mod" to remove references to any specific transport mechanisms
  • ballotcomments_V251_IG_SYNDROM_SURV_R1_D1_2018MAY block 15 post vote.xls
5 min.Approval of VR DAM Publication RequestAdbulMalik Shakir
  • As discussed during the March 28 call (see minutes), DAM previously successfully passed ballot in Sept. 2018 cycle but needed to be posted for review before publication approval
  • DAM was previously posted to the PHWG Documents page (for members only) a few weeks ago, but due to technical glitches, the announcement to the listserv was just sent last Fri. April 5
  • Publication approved pending "HL7 Informative Specification" vs. "HL7 Informative Standard" clarification of document title (motion: AbdulMalik, second: John R.) 13-0-1
5 min.BFDR CDA IG Ballot reconSarah Gaunt
  • Final comment dispositioned to be approved – comment # 68 about whether it's appropriate for this IG to mirror paper documentation or if it should adopt new electronic standards of data capture to reduce clinician burden
    • Disposition "Not Persuasive" approved with suggestion to include mention of ensuring "longitudinal consistency of the data that has been collected for many years" to disposition comment (motion: Sarah, second: Mead) 14-0-1
  • Previously-disposed "Persuasive" comments 150, 151, 162, and 163 to be re-opened for re-dispositioning because Regenstreif has provided new, more specific LOINC codes since the previously-suggested codes were submitted and dispositioned in the ballot comments – approved (motion: Sarah, second: Mead) 16-0-0
  • New "Persuasive with Mod" dispositions for comments 150, 151, 162, and 163 approved with suggestion to update disposition comments to include specific mention of the new LOINC codes (motion: Sarah, second AbdulMalik) 16-0-0
  • VOTED_20190412_ballotcomments_CDAR2_IG_BFDR_R1_D2_2019JAN.xls
 20 min.Brainstorming about other potential PH FHIR resourcesCraig Newman / Lloyd McKenzie
  • See Zulip conversation with Lloyd's comment – does PH need new FHIR resources for "PublicHealthCase" and / or "Outbreak?"
    • Discussion:
      • John R. – these concepts are included in the V3 model
      • John L. – these were considered during the initial eICR work, but the decision was made to wait for more widespread FHIR adoption to see if they are really needed
      • Lloyd – PH is often slow to adopt new standards; should we be planning ahead for future need?
      • John L. – would it be better to harmonize PH's needs with existing, more generally-applicable resources than to create extra work specifically for PH data exchange?
    • Outcome – let's mull it over and keep our eyes and ears open for whether and how PH might use such PH-specific FHIR resources
  • AbdulMalik – should there be a resource specific to "Fetus?"  Considerations for fetuses may be unique enough that the "Patient" resource might not the best option.
    • Lloyd – can use existing "BodyStructure" resource, or if date of death needs to be captured, use "Patient"
  • Lloyd – should PH be its own FHIR module in R5?

Approval of plan for gForge tickets 15696 and 20327Craig Newman Ran out of time, added to April 18th agenda

gForge tickets 16473 and 16475Craig Newman Ran out of time, added to April 18th agenda

Review wording in gForge ticket 17902Craig Newman Ran out of time, added to April 18th agenda
 10 min. WGM planning

See May 2019 WGM (Montreal) Agenda

  • Sarah requests NHCS ballot recon – Tues. Q3 & Wed. Q3
  • John L. / Sarah confirm eICR CDA ballot recon – Tues. Q1 & Wed. Q1
  • AbdulMalik request BSeR recon – Tues. Q2
  • AdbulMalik requests VRDR FHIR IG recon - Mon. Q1
  • Mead requests VRDR V2 IG recon - Wed. Q2
  • AbdulMalik requests discussion about VR DAM / continuous maintenance process – Wed. Q4
  • discussion about Lloyd's suggestion of whether PH should be its own FHIR module added to "PH Hosting - FHIR Infrastructure" agenda – currently Mon. Q4
  • discussion about the FHIR IG process and its impact to projects added to "PH Hosting - FHIR Infrastructure" agenda – currently Mon. Q4
  • Sarah requests time to provide update on HAI LTC project – added to Wed. Q4
  • Please add comments to Agenda page in Confluence or reach out to the co-chairs if you have any other requests!
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