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Chair: Danny Wise

Scribe: Erin Holt

  • Janet Hui
  • George Dixon
  • Sarah Gaunt
  • Rita Altamore
  • Lura Daussat
  • John Roberts
  • AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Kathy Walsh
  • Craig Newman
  • Dave deRoode
  • Joginder Madra
  • Alaina Gregory
  • Lori Fourquet
  • Cindy Bush
  • Laura Rappleye
  • John Stamm
  • Shu McGarvey
  • John Loonsk
  • Laura Conn


  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval
    1. The Project Scope Statement (PSS) Is Now in Confluence (Craig Newman)
  2. LTCF HAI NIB review (David deRoode) - 10 mins
  3. BFDR Ballot comments (Sarah Gaunt) - 10 mins
  4. Finalize NPRM comments for sending to the PAC (Craig Newman) - 15
    1. minsa.PH WG NPRM comments - draft v3.docx
  5. Review wording in gForge ticket 17902 (Craig Newman) - 5 min
  6. WGM planning?? (if time permits)
  7. Vote for approval of VR DAM Publication Request (AMS) – 5 min

5 minWelcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalDanny Wise
  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval
    1. Motion to approve minutes from last week on 3/28- John R.
      1. Second- Sarah G.
      2. 17,0,0
    2. Still need to approve previous minutes from AMS on the week before the 28th
    3. PSS template is now on confluence; see link in agenda
10 minLTCF HAI NIB reviewDavid deRoode
  1. HL7 FHIR® R4 Implementation Guide: NHSN Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Reports for Long Term Care Facilities (HAI-LTCF-FHIR), Release 1 (FHIR_HAI_LTCF )
    1. NIB_FHIR_LTC_R1D1.xlsx
    2. For fall ballot
    3. FHIR
    4. Content deadline for FHIR ballot is: Don’t know, can’t get an answer nailed down. Not on the wiki site, and hasn’t been on the ballot site.
      1. Believe it’s due in August with a prelim QA deadline in July
    5. Motion- David deRoode moved to approve NIB.
      1. Second- Sara G
      2. 19,0,0
  2. HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Reports for Long Term Care Facilities (HAI-LTCF-CDA), Release 1 (CDAR2_IG_HAI_LTCF )
    1. NIB_CDA_LTC_R1D1.xlsx
    2. For fall ballot
    3. CDA
    4. Need to update ballot dates, 8/9/2019 as the ballot start date and closes on 9/9/2019
    5. Motion- David deRoode moved to approve NIB.
      1. Second- Sara G
      2. 20,0,0
10 min BFDR Ballot comments Sarah Gaunt
  1. Ballot Spreadsheet
  2. Comment- 7  A-S
    1. Not persuasive with mod
    2. Motion- Sarah to accept as dispositioned and documented.
    3. Second- Craig
    4. 22,0,0
  3. Comment- 27 A-Q
    1. Question answered
    2. SEX- male female, unknown, no explanation of what to do in the guide to completing the worksheet regarding when sex is ambiguous
    3. With a paper form a person is arbitrarily choosing a value, but what happens with an electronic system?
    4. There is a gender harmonization workgroup that is working on trying to clarify this, though US Vital Records may or may not actually adopt. In VR it’s pretty cut and dry, sex at birth (male, female, undifferentiated). As opposed to gender that goes into more extensive concepts.
    5. Haven’t seen much on this since the San Antonio meeting
    6. Motion- Sarah moved to accept as dispositioned and documented.
      1. Second- Craig
      2. 21,0,0
  4. Comment- 77 NEG
    1. Not persuasive
    2. Motion- Sarah moved to accept as dispositioned and documented.
    3. Second- Craig
    4. 21,0,0
  5. Comment- 135 AT
    1. Not Persuasive
    2. Motion- Sarah moved to accept as dispositioned and documented.
    3. Second- Craig
    4. 21,0,0
5 minVote for approval of VR DAM Publication Request  AbdulMalik Shakir 
  1. Reviewed on 3/28 and distributed for review
    1. Folks aren’t seeing it in the list serve distribution
    2. Will forward again and postpone approval for next week 4-11 (Maybe have a co-chair resend to test receipt)
35  minFinalize NPRM comments for sending to the PAC  Craig Newman

  1. PH WG NPRM comments - FINAL.docx
  2. Comments were solicited by PH membership and a document was drafted and was circulated for review
  3. Next this document will go to the PAC for inclusion in the HL7 response
  4. Comments received from Noam Arzt, John Loonsk, and Lori F.
  5. Some concern regarding ONC seeking exceptions to the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act that requires use of voluntary consensus-based standards in several areas. Those that are proposed include no public health representation and now are requiring PH to adopt these standards.
    1. Everyone should get a seat at the table to participate and be represented
  6. USCDI and its use in case reporting- with eICR we have tried to map the common clinical data set which puts us in line to adopt the USCDI.
    1. Represents a set of data elements and classes
    2. Not all data in the USCDI is appropriate to be communicated for all purposes; so need to use the data in the USCDI as appropriate to your purpose and not those that are not.
    3. Structured critical data and history information- not currently available in USCDI, but needed currently
    4. It’s possible that US Core FHIR profiles are actually what is feeding USCDI. So for our FHIR eICR we may already be aligning. Common Clinical Data Set is thought to be the same as the US Core FHIR Profiles. Will add a reference to US Core FHIR Profiles.
    5. Need to research how these three specifically align.
    6. The references to USCDI should clarify these 3 points specifically.
    7. There is no PH representation on USCDI Taskforce
  7. Appreciate the need to support more standardized and comprehensive formats from EHRs but shouldn’t replace already implemented public health reporting expectations.
  8. Children’s Health metrics: Referencing standards that are used to make imm data available to patients (VDT), but not the appropriate standards to synchronizing with Imm Registries. Both should be referenced appropriately.
    1. Should also be able to reconcile records between providers using a transitions of care, should be augmented to include immunization query./response/update communications to support recommendation 5.
    2. Removed comment about requiring imm certificates from IISs
  9. FHIR API- PH needs funding and support to adopt; should not replace of interop standards that are already in place and implemented for PH
  10. OpenID, OAuth- need to follow. Will be a problem if HIEs and Data networks cant support FHIR APIs; will be a problem for PH
  11. Standards Version Advancement Process- promote happening in parallel and maintain support for previous versions while partners catch up
  12. Exceptions that are proposed must not be used to justify failure to perform public health reporting.
  13. Unclear about how profits are calculated
  14. Encourage ONC to include support for reporting to PH registries
  15. Motion to approve- Craig
    1. John- Second
    2. 19,0,0
0 mingForge ticket 17902  Craig Newman

Will move to next week's agenda

Heads up- look at the zulip link for next week regarding about other potential FHIR resources

0 minWGM planningworkgroupWill move to next week's agenda
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