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  • Laura Rappleye (Chair)

  • Joginder Madra (Scribe)

  • Sarah Gaunt
  • AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Alaina Gregory
  • Alexander Henket
  • Cindy Bush
  • Craig Newman
  • Crystal Snare
  • Danny Wise
  • Emilie Lamb
  • George Dixon
  • Erin Holt Coyne
  • Jo
  • Laura Conn
  • Rick Geimer
  • Dave DeRoode
  • Lura Daussat
  • John Loonsk

Discussion items


1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval

  • Today is the last day to sign up for May 2019 consensus group
  • Motion to approve March 14 minutes (Craig/Sarah)
    • approved (15-0-0)

2. Approval of VR DAM Publication Request (AbdulMalik Shakir) - 15 min

  • Balloted as informative in the September 2018 ballot cycle
  • Material passed ballot with a vote of 39-3-61 (26 needed to pass)
  • The reconciled material needs to be posted for review before it can be approved for publication.
  • AbdulMalik to send the link to the material to the listserv and this item will be brought forward on the April 4 call.

3. Review of gForge tickets 15696 and 20327 (Craig Newman) - 15 min

  • Alexander Henket and Rick Geimer submitted similar tickets against the immunization resource.  In short, it would be helpful to have data element to indicate who is making an assertion of the data.  This person might not be the person who administered the vaccine.  This may be a practitioner or someone like a parent.
  • The concept of asserter appears to have overlap with existing reportOrigin and primarySource concepts.
  • Craig to put together a proposal and circulate to the PHWG list (and Alexander and Rick)

4. Initial review of NPRM comments (Craig Newan) - 15 mins

  1. Proposed Rule Comment for PH WG - Craig + Noam + John.docx
  • Deadline for work groups to submit comments for the policy committee to consider is April 5, 2019.
  • Craig and Noam Arzt have collected a number of comments for consideration. 
  • TOC for proposed rules has been posted should people find it useful for context.
  • Comments can be sent to Craig to be organized prior to next week's call where comments for submission will be reviewed.

Meeting adjourned at 17h00 (eastern)

Action items