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  • Craig Newman (Chair)

  • Laura Rappleye (Scribe)

  • Rute Martins

  • Sarah Gaunt

  • John Loonsk

  • AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Nathan Bunker
  • Joginder Madra
  • Mark Kramer
  • Lura Daussat
  • Janet Hui
  • Tim DeMint
  • Wendy Blumenthal
  • Erin Holt Coyne
  • Ben Atkinson
  • Crystal Snare
  • John Stamm
  • Laura Conn


  • Rita Altamore

  • George Dixon

  • Danny Wise

  • Karen Meranda

  • Cindy Bush

  • Alaina Gregory

  • Dave deRoode

Discussion items

  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval

Reminder:  start to gather agenda items for the May WGM.  

  • AMS mentioned the need for the work group to have a publishing facilitator specifically for FHIR projects.  This will be added to Monday Q4 schedule.  It was also suggested to discuss the need for FHIR publishing facilitators at the steering division meeting.

Reminder:  HL7 will be responding to to the interoperability and information blocking proposed rules released on February 11.  Craig has uploaded a set of possible comments. If you have comments, please either send them to Craig or upload a document to next week's agenda page.  The deadline to submit comments to PAC is April 5th.

2.  Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements (mCODE)-Rute Martins and Paul Kramer

The mCODE project team provided an overview to the project.  This project will develop a common set of standardized data elements relevant to many types of cancer. It is intended to facilitate collection of "real world data" from clinical encounters with higher uniformity and quality, independent of the provider or EHR vendor. Data structures accurately capturing patient characteristics, disease characteristics, treatments, and outcomes that matter to patients and clinicians would rapidly accelerate progress toward using current therapies optimally and potentially, new clinical guidelines. The resulting Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements (mCODE)-based data sets, with data from the clinical care settings, will not require extensive curation, and will be shareable with other mCODE-based data sets without reformatting. A core team of oncologists will guide the selection and prioritization of content, and the results (subject to HL7 approval) will be delivered as FHIR profiles in an Implementation Guide (IG). The results will be US Realm-specific, but the lessons learned, and many of the actual profiles, could have universal applicability. The intent is to base mCODE on a common base logical model determined and approved by CIMI.

Motion:  for Public Health Work Group to be named an interested party on the Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements project scope statement.  AbdulMalik Shakir/Wendy Blumenthal  26-0-0

3.  National Health Care Surveys - IG ballot approval (Sarah Gaunt)

The pre-ballot preview package of the National Health Care Surveys Release 1, STU Release 2 was made available to HL7 members for review on March 15th.  

Motion:  to approve the package for the May Ballot  Sarah Gaunt/ AbdulMalik Shakir 25-0-0

4.  eICR CDA - IG ballot approval (John Loonsk/Sarah Gaunt)

The pre-ballot preview package of the CDA IG Public Health Case Report (eICR), Release 2 STU 2 was made available to HL7 members for review on March 15th.

Motion:  to approve the package for the May Ballot  Sarah Gaunt/ Erin Holt 25-0-0

5.  Approval of VRDR and BSeR FHIR IGs for May Ballot (AbdulMalik Shakir)


  • Comments on the IG were addressed
  • Publication errors have been corrected
  • Motion: to approve the package for the May Ballot  AbdulMalik Shakir/Sarah Gaunt 23-0-1


  • The QA issues have been resolved.  TSC is in the process of whether or not it should go to ballot in May.
  • Motion: to approve dispositions for items 20811 and 20813.   AbdulMalik Shakir/Sarah Gaunt 24-0-0
  • Motion: to approve the package for the May Ballot  AbdulMalik Shakir/Sarah Gaunt 24-0-0
6. Immunization FHIR IG block vote - (Nathan Bunker)

14944 14943 14935 14932 comments requested using CDS Hooks instead of the Immunization specific resources already developed by Public Health. Proposed disposition:

Ballot Disposition: Considered for future use

Ballot Comment: The focus of this ballot is a narrower use case to define a standard interface for a CDS engine embedded in an Immunization Information System (IIS). These embedded systems are currently in place across the US and using proprietary integration technologies. The goal of this ballot is to standardize these interfaces and replace these proprietary standards. IIS will use this data for a wide variety purposes and requires that the CDS engine returns structured content that is used for many different functions but must be filtered and formatted before display to end users such as clinicians. This ballot does not preclude the use of this interface by other systems, such as EHRs, but such use would require additional logic and consideration for formatting for non-IIS use. The expectation is that this work could be leveraged by a follow on project to demonstrate the use of CDS Hooks to deliver immunization recommendations directly to clinicians independent of an IIS. This group completed some exploratory work in CDS Hooks at several FHIR Connectathons and feels that data provided by this interface could be easily adapted to support a CDS Hooks interface at a later time. 

Motion:  to approve the disposition for the 4 comments  Nathan Bunker/AbdulMalik Shakir  23-0-0

Action items

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