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  • Erin Holt (Chair)

  • Danny Wise (Scribe)
  • John Roberts
  • Dave Trepanier
  • George Dixon
  • Abdul Malik Shakir
  • David deRoode
  • Sarah Gaunt
  • Kathy Walsh
  • Mead Walker
  • Joginder Madra
  • Rita Altamore
  • Pat Quinlan

  • Shu McGarvey

Discussion items

5 min.Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approvalErin Holt
  • Last week's meeting minutes approved (motion: Mead, second: Sarah) 9-0-0
20 min.Syndromic IG Ballot Recon block 13  Dave Trepanier
5 min.BFDR IG Block Vote Sarah Gaunt
  • 36 comments (Comments 9 and 11 were pulled from the original 38 count block vote) approved (motion: Sarah, second: David D.) 7-0-4
  • Sarah and David D. provided an update on the Long Term Care HAI Reporting PSS – TSC approval and project ID have been obtained, targeting Sept. 2019 ballot cycle
  • BLOCK_VOTE_20190214_ballotcomments_CDAR2_IG_BFDR_R1_D2_2019JAN.xls
15 min. VRDR and BSeR FHIR IG NIB approval Abdul Malik Shakir
  • BSeR FHIR IG NIB approved (motion: Abdul Malik, second: John) 10-0-0
  • VRDR FHIR IG NIB approved (motion: Abdul Malik, second: Mead) 10-0-0
  • discussion of "feature complete" FHIR IGs and deadlines – see e-mail exchange between Sarah and Grahame
  • Abdul Malik raised a question about whether "continuous maintenance" process was still supported by the GOM – John advised that is currently being re-evaluated
 10 min. Vital Records Death Report NIB approval Mead Walker
  • This is the V2.6 IG NIB that was previously postponed; approved (motion: Mead, second: John) 11-0-0