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  • Craig Newman (Chair)

  • Joginder Madra (Scribe)

  • John Roberts

  • Alaina Elliott
  • Dave Hamill
  • Ricky Sahu
  • Danny Wise
  • Sarah Gaunt
  • Shu McGarvey
  • Rita Altamore


  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval
  2. Bulk Data PSS (Ricky Sahu) - 10 min
  3. National Health Care Surveys - NIB review (Sarah Gaunt) - 10 mins
  4. Project Portfolio Review (with Dave Hamill) - 25 min

Discussion items

5 min

Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval

Craig Newman
  • N/A
10 minBulk Data PSSRicky Sahu
  • Ricky walked through the PSS. Primarily an infrastructure project - data content can really be anything. There is a draft implementation guide available.
  • This is an ONC-funded effort and is targeting a STU Ballot in the May cycle.
  • FHIR-I is the primary sponsor. Does the PHWG have any interest?
  • Motion that PHWG be noted as an interested party for this PSS (Joginder/John)
    • Approved (9-0-0)
  • Those with a greater interest in the project can contact Ricky ( for more information
10 minNational Health Care Surveys - NIB reviewSarah Gaunt
  • Sarah walked through the NIB
  • STU ballot in May and Normative in September
  • Motion to approve the NIB (John/Sarah)
    • Approved (8-0-0)
25 minProject Portfolio ReviewDave Hamill
  • Project Portfolio Review in Project Insight:
    • Dave indicates that PH is missing a 3-year plan. There is no common 3-year plan spreadsheet. Dave suggest creating a page in Confluence for the 3-year plan.
      • Once the 3-year plan page is created, the link to the page should be sent to Dave and he will update Project Insight
      • Joginder to create the PHWG Project Roadmap. This should meet the 3-year plan requirement.

Call adjourned at 17h00 (eastern)

Action items