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  • Laura Rappleye - scribe
  • Erin Holt - Chair
  • Josh Procious

  • Rachelle May-Gentile

  • AbdulMalik Shakir

  • Danny Wise

  • Janet Hui

  • Sarah Gaunt

  • Alaina Elliott

  • Craig Newman

  • Dave Trepanier

  • John Roberts

  • Lura Daussat

  • Shu McGarvey


Discussion items

  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval
Erin Holt
  • Motion to approve last week's meeting minutes, Craig Newman/Dave Trepanier 10-0-0
 15min2. Confluence page review  Josh Procious
  •  The main work group page needs to include the mission, charter, leadership and conference call information. PH page meets the requirements.
  • Josh reviewed how to create, edit and publish listeners/macros
  • Contact Josh with any questions on Confluence functionality
10min3. Birth Defect IG request for extension Rachelle May-Gentile
  • The birth defect request for publication request for extension was reviewed.
  • Motion to approve the request for extension, Rachelle May-Gentile/Shu McGarvey 11-0-0
  • Laura Rappleye will forward the request to TSC for approval
20min4. Syndromic IG Ballot Recon block 12 Dave Trepanier
  • Block 12 was reviewed, comment 103 was pulled
  • Motion to approve the dispositions in Block 12, Craig Newman/Dave Trepanier 10-0-0
10min5. eICR CDA IG STU Release 2.0 NIB approval Laura Conn

Action items