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  • Possible Project- Discussion of communication of hospital PPE inventory - Walter S. and CDC by Phone. (CDC available 11-11:30)

Discussion items

5 MinIntroductions and Agenda ReviewCraig
 35 min Discussion of potential project: PPE inventory communicationWalter Suarez 

Joined by phone and representing project team: Megan Casey, Nurse epidemiologist with the CDC's National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, NIOSH


  • Define standards to support the initiative, access and exchange of information regarding PPE


  • Mission- To prevent work-related injury, illness and death by advancing the state of knowledge and application of personal protective technologies.
    • Gloves, gowns, masks….
    • There are times when PPE is in really high demand, think Ebola response. Sometimes will result in panic purchasing to avoid not having PPE in the event of emergency, but this disrupts the purchase/supply chain and make sit not available for those who need it when they need it.
    • This project specifically focused on the health care industry.
  • PPE can be very specialized for certain situations; some requiring training. So when the supply chain is disrupted, this could cause a need for additional training if different PPE is available.
  • Need support for hospitals to have the right PPE for them, the right quantity, and share across facilities.

Proposed Scope:

Establish a framework to measure and evaluate PPE supply and demand. Contracted with Vandy to evaluate the demand/supply and develop a surveillance tool on PPE supply, including not only info on supply but demand, including information on infectious disease surveillance. The survey was a big challenge for hospitals however was valuable to evaluate completeness of preparedness efforts. There was a big manual effort and in an emergency they wouldn’t have time to provide this information manually.

Next step of project is focused on interoperability and building a platform to evaluate and manage PPE info. Would need to develop related data standards, not only the specifics of the PPE, but staffing, infectious disease cases… able to calculate burn rate. Platform would have ownership of the data they are putting on platform and then other agencies could access via the platform with agreements as appropriate; possibly in a blinded way, to make comparisons, manage, plan… Other entities might include state and local health depts., stockpile managers, other hospitals.

Would like to develop data standards for:

  • PPE Inventory
  • PPE Purchasing
  • Infection Control Data (isolation rooms, precautions)
  • Staffing


  • What is the relationship between this and Hospital Resource Tracking that is taking place at the state level within the Public Health Emergency Preparedness program?
    • Would like to make these connections to learn more about the current landscape. Have been engaging Hospital coalitions to learn about information sharing in this domain and interoperability capabilities.
  • OASIS is a sister standard development org who HL7 has worked with, including for HAVE, and HAVE-BED (Hospital resources), TEP (transfer of patients from emergency to Hospitals).
    • Elysia Jones is an OASIS point of contact that might be helpful to consult with.
  • On the Demand side of things, they would be interested in Infection Control Data, like number of patients who are on droplet or contact precautions. Might be worth making the connection with HAI who work in the realm of Infection Control and communicating some info to NSHN.
  • Since this use case is really within the healthcare facility, as opposed to outside of it, it might also be worth talking with Patient Administration who currently support similar standards regarding this sort of supply chain.
  • How does this relate to immunization stockpiles and supply chain management?
    • Right now there are local and state level stockpiles and a national stockpile.
    • This could help inform stockpile managers at all levels.

DAM discussion:

Sometimes with these sorts of projects, we may start off with a Domain Analysis Model.

May need to consider other relevant standards like X12 for supply chain, materials management.

Assuming this would include disposable and reusable PPE, would this scope include the sterilization status?

Would like to see an example of a DAM, possibility VR.

Next Steps:

  • Connection to OISIS- completed
  • Connection to PHEP-Erin will do some research and get  POC to send along
  • HL7 Patient Administration- completed
  • Domain Analysis Model- link to DAM- completed

Action items

  • Erin Holt ID the right point of contact regarding Public Health Emergency Preparedness Programs and provide to NIOSH team regarding PPE inventory communications