eCR comment recon - FHIR and CDA STU comment

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eCR FHIR and CDA Follow-Up DiscussionJohn Loonsk

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  • Results of the January 2019 discussed
    • Authentication issues surfaced, vendors addressed messaging for FHIR APIs
  • DaVinci and public health reporting common framework discussed
    • CDC commented on DaVinci ballot in hopes to harmonize a common reporting model
    • CDC’s comments have not been dispositioned yet
  • ONC’s “Strategy on Reducing Regulatory and Administrative Burden Relating to the Use of Health IT and EHRs
    • APHL having a call this Friday for those who are interested in commenting, goal to be effective way of commenting on provider burden, let Laura Conn and John if you want an invite.

  • HL7 eCR standards status were reviewed

    • eCR FHIR currently being dispositioned

    • Transforms for FHIR and CDAs are not included in IGs but being currently discussed

    • Additional data elements will be added to all standards

      • Pregnancy

      • Occupational health data

      • Vital signs

      • Lab test status

    • Planning on balloting eICR CCDA R2 in May

  eCR comment recon - CDA STU comments Laura Conn
  •  16 STU Comments were reviewed and dispositioned (1694, 1604, 1591, 1589, 1588, 1587, 1586, 1451, 1584, 1412, 1411, 1410, 1409, 1405, 1327, 1590)
  • Motion to approve dispositions: Laura Conn/Shu McGarvey 18-0-0

Action items

  • Co-chair to update ballot page with the dispositions