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Organizing session (Minutes)

  • Welcome and introductions 
  • Agenda review and plans for the week
  • Review and approve M&C/DMP/3-year plan
  • Any PSS review or other topics (if required)
  • Gemini project (if time allows)

Discussion items

5 minWelcome and agenda reviewJoginder
  • Please remember to update your attendance on the attendance log via confluence.

 Agenda review and plans for the weekJoginder Agenda:
  • TQ4- need to check with John to see if there is anything specific we need to discuss. (Imm-Med FHIR Comparison)
  • Laura will Chair WQ1
  • WQ2- still expecting split with conformance. Robb with NIST isn’t here because of the gov’t shut down, though there are a few others here who may still meet. PH won’t meet that quarter.
  • WQ4- Need to send someone to OO (V2 to FHIR mapping- vxu imm message proof of concept) and someone to Vocab (gender identity)
  • THQ1- Confluence project expectations page update
  • THQ2- Will ask Walter to meet with us Thursday Q2.
  • Keep THQ4.
 Review and approve M&C/DMP/3-year planJoginder


  1. Mission- Right now the Mission only references V2 and V3, need to either remove the reference to V2 and V3 or include FHIR. First sentence.
    1. EDIT- “The Public Health Work Group supports the HL7 mission to create and promote its standards by helping to assure that HL7 product lines (e.g. v2, CDA, FHIR), data models, messages, documents and services address the requirements of the many public health agencies, both governmental and non-governmental.
  2. Charter-
    1. Last sentence first paragraph EDIT- the group will take into account the experience of existing national international interoperability initiatives and goals.
    2. First sentence of second paragraph
    3. EDIT-Artifacts that the WG will create include v2, CDA, and FHIR standards, implementation guides, etc.  Move this to the first paragraph.
    4. Remove rest of second paragraph regarding SAIF.
    5. EDIT- “The Public Health Work Group will provide a joint forum for HL7 members to discuss and develop models, messages, documents and services related to its mission. Artifacts that the WG will create include v2, CDA and FHIR base standards, implementation guides, etc. The work group will take into account the experiences of existing national and international interoperability initiatives and goals.”
  3. Formal Relationships with other groups:
    1. Pharmacy, FHIR Infrastructure aren’t listed
    2. Patient safety no longer exists
    3. Remove SOA
    4. Should list “…all product line management and infrastructure groups, e.g.v2, CDA, FHIR)…”, and “…and other work groups who have projects which a public health component to manage its scope and deliverables in order to ensure consistency, maximize reuse of current content, and minimize duplicative effort by the respective groups.”
    5. Add the statement “The Public Health work Group is a member of the Clinical Steering Division.”
  4. Formal Relationships with groups outside HL7
    1. Reference CSTE organization
      1. Motion- Craig motions to approve Mission and Charter.
      2. Second- John
      3. Abstain-0
      4. Against-0
      5. For 10


  1. Adopted standard DMP; this has always been a normal position.
    1. Notice to change an agenda? We would like to have a week. The DMP states to post one day prior to the call (COB Wed). If we make decisions that don’t follow what the DMP states and this causes a problem for someone we would need to retract that decision.
      1. Motion- Craig motions to reaffirm the use of the standard DMP
      2. Second- Danny
      3. Abstain-0
      4. Against-0
      5. For 10

3-year plan:

  1. Project Insight
  2. Defer this to when we can discuss with Dave.
 Other TopicsJoginder

Co-Chair Elections:

  • Chair elections- PH 2 positions. Erin and Danny are running. Electronic voting has gone out.
  • Craig’s position will be coming up in May. Craig may assist as a facilitator depending on the project.

Gemini Project- IHE e-Immunizations:

  • See IHE HL7 Gemini - e-Immunization v6.pdf
  • HL7 asked the question whether or not this would cause heartburn for public health? It would depend on the expectations of the implementers, including public health and its registries.
  • Would IHE FHIR Profile gain traction in the US?
  • The Scope seems consistent with normal imm work flow
  • Could help evaluate and potentially improve the existing imm FHIR resources
  • What is the output of this? An IHE profile, or a FHIR IG? Both?
  • Need a PSS to kick off the project. What is the HL7 output? If none, is this an HL7 product?
  • Is there any expectation that this be implemented in the US? Currently all the interested parties are international.
  • John R will report our discussion back to the TSC. If anyone on the project team wants to discuss with us, they can contact a PH co-chair.

WG Calls- Thursdays 4-5 Eastern every week 


Action items

  • Erin Holt will confirm with Walter regarding ThurQ2.