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  • Erin Holt (Chair)

  • Joginder Madra (Scribe)
  • Craig Newman

  • Lura Daussat
  • Laura Conn
  • John Loonsk
  • Alaina Elliott
  • Zabrina Gonzaga
  • Danny Wise
  • John Stamm
  • Laura Rappleye
  • Sarah Gaunt
  • Rita Altamore
  • Kathy Walsh
  • David deRoode
  • Richard Hornaday
  • Austin Kreisler
  • Shu Garvey


  1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval
  2. Input on Reducing Burden document - (Craig Newman) - 5 min

  3. FHIR eCR ballot recon block 3 - (Laura Conn) - 10 min
    1. ballotcomments_FHIR_IG_eCR_R1_D1_2018SEP_20181221_Block 3.xls
  4. PSS for co-sponsoring - HAI reports - (Zabrina Gonzaga) - 20 min
    1. HL7 Project Scope Statement v2018.1_NHSN_LTC_IG.docx
  5. PSS for NCHS ( (Update current PSS?) (Sarah) (10 mins)
    1. Add time for NCHS to WGM agenda - discussion and maybe STU comments - block vote? (Sarah)

Discussion items


Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval

Erin Holt
  • Motion to approve prior meeting minutes (Craig/Danny)
    • Approved (17-0-1)
5 minInput on Reducing Burden documentCraig Newman
  • Published by the ONC and may have impacts to public health and vendors.
  • If there are any comments, feel free to submit comments directly or to submit comments to the PH workgroup co-chairs.
    • Deadline for comments are Jan 28, 2019. However the deadline for submitting comments via HL7 may be sooner.
10 min FHIR eCR ballot recon block 3Laura Conn
20 minPSS for co-sponsoring - HAI reportsZabrina Gonzaga
  • PSS to develop implementation guides in CDA and FHIR for HAI reports from long-term care facilities
  • Conceptualized implementation is for the submitter to submit using FHIR or CDA with the submission being transformed to CDA for NHSN consumption
  • The Structured Documents work group is focusing on infrastructure-related work - e.g. CDA and FHIR document constructs - and suggested bringing domain content using CDA to domain-focused work groups such as Public Health.
  • Motion for the Public Health work group to sponsor this project (Austin Kreisler/Zabrina Gonzaga)
    • Approved (18-0-0)
  • Updated PSS was provided by Zabrina
10 minPSS for NCHSSarah Gaunt
  • Looking to go to ballot in May - either normative or STU (TBD). There are changes to the project team and schedule but the scope has not changed...this could be changed just be contacting the HL7 PMO.
  • Austin noted that if the intent is to go normative, a notification to do so must be provided to the TSC so that ANSI can be notified.
  • Add to Wednesday Q3 agenda at the upcoming WGM.

Meeting adjourned at 16h42.

Action items