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  • Craig Newman

  • Joginder Madra

  • Dave Trepanier
  • Erin Holt
  • Alain Elliott
  • John Stamm
  • Michelle Clicnkscales
  • Rita Altamore
  • Sarah Gaunt
  • Laura Rappleye
  • Emilie Lamb
  • Janet Hui


  • Discussion items

10 minIntroJoginder Madra
  • Motion to approve last week's minutes (Erin Holt/Craig Newman) 9-0-0
  • The next call is Dec 27th and we have no agenda items as of yet
    • The Dec 27th call will be cancelled
  • PSS deadlines are coming up soon
    • Jan 27th for the May ballot
    • April 7th for Sept ballot
      • this is the new normal but much different than in the past
  • No new WGM topics to schedule
20 min Syndromic block vote Dave Trepanier
  •  Block 9 has been circulated with ~10 comments
  • Most are persuasive except
    • Comment 33 - persuasive with mod - There will always be an OBX-5 but it may be repeating, Cardinality will be 1..*
    • Comment 158 - not persuasive - requested data is already in the Description field
    • Comment 167 - not persuasive - the suggested LOINC code is too ambiguous to recommend
  • Comment 44 will include a description of what "observation" is
    • The date/time some one asserts that the medication list is accurate
    • It is not medication specific
  • No one requested any comments to be pulled
  • Motion to approve Block 9 as documented (Dave Trepanier/Craig Newman) 10-0-0
  • ballotcomments_V251_IG_SYNDROM_SURV_R1_D1_2018MAY block 9 post vote.xls
5 minePayer Data Exchange (ePDx)Craig Newman
  • PSS from the DaVinci folks (DEQM IG)
    • Being sponsored by Financial Management
  • Focuses on moving clinical data from Payors to providers
    • this could include Immunization data and other public health related data
5 minGender discussion with VocabCraig Newman
  • Craig and Danny were in on a Vocab call that raised this topic with them (see Dec 13th call)
    • It's not clear if there is a single concept here or multiple (birth sex, administrative gender, self identified gender, etc)
    • Product families are not harmonized
    • There aren't codes for everything we need (eg non-binary)
  • Vocab has had some of these discussions before
  • Rob McClure has done a lot of work in defining the SNOMED codes for these concepts
  • Craig will co-ordinate with Ted Klein to get this on the agenda for a Vocab hosted session Wed Q4 in San Antonio