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  • Erin Holt (Chair)

  • Joginder Madra (Scribe)

  • Craig Newman

  • John Roberts
  • Mead Walker
  • Sarah Gaunt
  • Danny Wise
  • Laura Rappleye
  • Rita Altamore
  • John Stamm


  • Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval
  • Call for topics for January WGM

Discussion items

5 min

Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval

  • Add "Administrative Sex" update
  • Reminder that the ballot signup deadline is approaching
  • Motion to approve 2018-12-06 meeting notes (Craig/Mead)
    • Approved (9-0-0)
 20 min Call for topics for January WGM Erin
  • Monday Q3 - Organizing Session / Infectious Disease Project update
  • Tuesday - No Changes
  • Wednesday Q1 - Discussion on V2 Vital Records death reporting IG
  • Wednesday Q3 - BFDR Ballot Recon
  • Wednesday Q4 - BFDR Ballot Recon / Request to publish VR DAM / Update on FHIR IG for Death Reporting
  • Thursday - No Changes
20 minAdministrative Sex UpdateErin
  • Some vendors are looking to include gender identity concepts as part of the administrative sex value set
  • Expect an update from vocab. Shu may have an update after the Dec 20 meeting
  • Structured Documents may be dealing with this. Consider adding to WGM agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 16h40 (eastern)

Action items