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  • Joginder Madra (chair)

  • Craig Newman (scribe)
  • Shu McGarvey
  • Dave Trepanier
  • Catherine Staes
  • Sandy Dearth
  • Shan Maxey
  • Dave Hamill
  • Noam Arzt
  • Sarah Gaunt
  • Abdul Malik Shakir
  • Austin Kreisler
  • Emilie Lamb
  • Richard Hornaday
  • John Stamm
  • Rita Altamore
  • Lura Dausatt
  • Danny Wise
  • Lori Fourquet
  • Mike Yaskanin
  • Erin Hold Coyne


    1. Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval
    2. Immunization IG Ballot Recon block 2
    3. Immunization FHIR issue
    4. 3 Year Plan and ePSS
    5. Syndromic IG Ballot Recon block 6
    6. FHIR IG updates

Discussion items

5 min

Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval

  • New item from Abdul Malik Shakir regarding the FHIR ballot
  • Motion to approve last week's minutes (Abdul Malik Shakir/Craig Newman) 14-0-1
2 min  Immunization IG Ballot Recon block 2Craig 
  • Ballot recon spreadsheet was circulated last week
  • No comments were requested to be pulled
  • Motion to approve Block 2 as proposed (Craig Newman/Abdul Malik Shakir) 17-0-0
  • ballotcomments_V282_IG_IMMUNMSG_R1_D2_2018SEP_Final.xls
  • All comments are now resolved. The ballot spreadsheet and updated document will be posted soon for WG review before a publication request
5 minImmunization FHIR issueCraig
  • All three immunization resources contain elements for doseNumber and seriesDoses (for example Dose 2 of 3 respectively)
    • These elements allow either a positive integer or string (so that something like "booster" can be sent)
  • The WG has previously decided to remove search parameters in the Immunization and ImmunizationEvaluation resources for doseNumber and seriesDoses
  • A gForge ticket (19430) regarding the remaining ImmunizationRecommendation search parameters (currenlty configured as "token" search)
    • Token is ambiguous with respect to how it works with "number" elements
  • Options:
    • Remove the option to use the positiveInteger and only use string
      • This will address the issue of the token search parameter but removes the ability to do a "number" search (eg. less than or greater than)
    • Add a new positive integer friendly search parameter
    • Remove the search parameters from ImmunizationRecommendation to harmonize with the other immunization resources
  • We don
  • Motion for option #3 (remove the search parameters) (Craig Newman/Abdul Malik Shakir) 20-0-0
20 min3 Year Plan and ePSSDave Hamill
  • Dave is part of the Project Management office at HL7
  • 3 year plans
    • PBS metrics report= projects, ballots and standards
      • affects the gold stars at WGMs
      • Available on the TSC gForge page
    • PH is in good shape with respect to PBS
    • PH is missing a 3-year plan
    • The 3 year plan lives in Project Insight
    • Dave suggests we create a Jira tracker issue
    • It should be a list of things we intend to do
      • eg. maintain our FHIR resources, create vital records IGs, etc
  • Electronic PSS
    • Anyone can participate using the online form in Confluence (although the process isn't fully fleshed out yet)
      • HL7 Project Scope Template
      • Copy the template and store it as part of the WG Confluence page
        • PH doesn't have a specific location for these yet - talk to the co-chairs if you need to create one
    • 4 or 5 projects from a couple of WGs are already using the Confluence template
    • The approval process is not yet implemented
      • The project lead still has to email the appropriate groups
      • Development of the approval process is underway
        • Will be similar to a Jira tracker
    • Feedback is still being accepted
20 minSyndromic IG Ballot Recon block 6Dave Trepanier
  • Block 6 was previously circulated
    • All were persuasive except for 1 (comment 188)
      • The table mentioned in comment 188 is covered in other parts of the document
  • No comments were requested to be pulled
  • Motion to accept block 6 as circulated (Dave Trepanier/Erin Holt Coyne) 14-0-0
5 minPH FHIR IGsAbdul Malik Shakir
  • The BSeR and VRDR FHIR IGs missed a deadline but Abdul Malik will be requesting an exception from the TSC
    • The guide is still not ready for the continuous integration process
      • This is a new requirement this cycle
      • Abdul Malik needs to work with Lloyd but they couldn't meet before tomorrow (11/2)
        • Abdul Malik will send the co-chairs an update after meeting with Lloyd
    • Unknown when a decision will be made by TSC - probably will be discussed on Monday
    • The WG should contact the steering division co-chairs indicating if we still support the IGs in this ballot cycle
  • Movement on the ODH FHIR profile (balloted last cycle) is slow due to availability of a key project team member