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  • Erin Holt-Coyne (Chair)

  • Joginder Madra (Scribe)

  • Rachelle May-Gentile (Altarum)

  • John Loonsk (CGI Federal)
  • Craig Newman
  • Samorga Young
  • Sarah Gaunt (Lantana)
  • Danny Wise (Allscripts)
  • Mead Walker
  • John Roberts (Tennessee Dept. of Health)
  • Crystal Snare (Washington State Dept. of Health)
  • AdulMalik Shakir (Hi3 Solutions)
  • Kathy Walsh 
  • Laura Rappleye (Altarum)
  • Lura Daussat

Discussion items

2 min

Welcome, agenda review, meeting minute approval


2 min Harmonization proposals for this cycleCraig
2 minFHIR deadlines for this cycleCraig
10 minVital Records Death ReportingMead
  • The project was discussed at the Baltimore WGM
  • Would like to move forward with a new STU due to added scope
  • Motion to approve the PSS - on the condition that discussed changes be made (Mead Walker/John Roberts)
    • Approved (14-0-0)
5 minVital Records Death Reporting FHIR IG proposalAMS
  • FHIR IG proposals are due on Oct 17. AMS asks if he can proceed with submitting the proposal without the workgroup reviewing/approving it due to the deadline. There are no objections...though AMS is asked to post a link to the proposal on the listserv when it is done.
15 minEHDI/CCHD ballot reconLura
  • See attached ballot reconciliation spreadsheet
  • Block vote for items 1-5 as they are all A-S.
    • Motion to find items 1-5 persuasive (Lura Daussat/Craig Newman)
      • Approved (14-0-0)
  • 6 - Confirm accuracy of statement
    • Motion to find item as persuasive with mod (Lura Daussat/Craig Newman) with further discussions required around snapshot mode
      • Approved (12-0-0)
20 minVital Records Death Reporting CDA IG - STU comment disposition and IG update plans Sarah
  • STU comment 1521
    • Motion to find the comment persuasive (Sarah Gaunt/John Roberts)
      • Approved (11-0-0)
      • Change will be applied to the IG and republished as an update
    • Motion to use the IG update process to approve the updated IG (John Roberts/Sarah Gaunt)
      • Approved (10-0-0)
10 minv2 to FHIR PSS (Craig)Craig
  • Goal of the project is to develop a definitive v2 to FHIR mapping. PSS is here.
  • Hans Buitendijk is the project facilitator.
  • Mapping is in one direction only: v2 to FHIR.
  • Motion that the Public Health Work Group co-sponsor this project (Craig Newman/John Roberts)
    • Approved (11-0-0)

Meeting adjourned at 15h02 (eastern)

Action items