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  • Date



  • Administrative wrap-up
    • Confirm Facilitator assignments
    • Schedule for conference calls for next period
    • Review project portfolio
    • Project scope statement (PSS) status and plans
    • Ballot and harmonization planning 
    • Draft agenda for next WGM 
    • Room request for next WGM
    • M&C/DMP/3 year plan
    • New business

Discussion items

5 min

Welcome and introductions 


Confirm Facilitator assignments

  • Vocabulary – Shu McGarvey; need to notify headquarters
  • M&M- Joginder Madra
  • Publishing- Jean Duteau
  • Project teams should seek their own facilitators and identify before assuming that these facilitators will be assisting

Schedule for conference calls for next period

Keeping: Thursday 4pm eastern for 1 hour

  • Need to go to the HL7 conference center to add the reoccurring meeting to send out notifications- done
  • Need to create the confluence page for the agendas- done

Review project portfolio
  • Joginder created a page to direct project teams to set expectations and provide helpful information by product line
    • Would include expectations for project team make up
    • Would include expectations for timelines 
    • Needed access/tools
    • Possibly have two pages:
      • 1 page that doesn't change
      • 1 page that is dynamic
    • Lloyd will help fill out some of the FHIR content
    • Project Teams should be keeping their respective project pages up-to-date
    • Can go over this with the workgroup periodically

Checking the Confluence Project List

  • FHIR resources (immunization related)- Changes were introduced in STU4 and comments being addressed
  • Imm 2.8.2 IG - September 2018 ballot reconciliation
  • FHIR IG for Imm Forecasting- Invite Nathan to come and update
  • ODH v2 and FHIR- Currently in reconciliation for both
  • ODH CDA- Need to follow up with project team
  • FHIR Death Reporting- Need an update, Nell reached out to Paula but we haven't heard back. Need to review the deliverables with the PSS that was approved.
  • VR DAM- currently in reconciliation
  • CDA Birth and Fetal Death Reporting- PSS approved for new version
  • V2.6 Birth and Fetal Death Reporting- Need a status update
  • CDA Death Reporting- Need a status update
  • V2.6 Death Reporting- project pending to either going normative or extending and going back to STU ballot
  • V2.6. Early Hearing, CCHI- in ballot recon
  • CDA National Health Care Surveys- Need project status update; expecting reconciliation of STU comments to begin soon
  • CDA Birth Defects- expecting publication request ready for January
  • Healthcare Associated Infections- Need an update
  • CDA Case Reporting- collecting comments for STU 1.1, need an update and to reconcile comments
  • CDA Reportability Response- need an update and to reconcile comments
  • FHIR Case Reporting- ballot recon
  • V2.5.1 LOI/LRI- seek update from Riki
  • Syndromic is in reconciliation, Erin to respond to Dave's questions regarding next steps- done
  • FHIR BSeR- currently in reconciliation

Erin Holt Coyne will pick up:

VR DAM and Death Reporting projects

In project insight, we have 32 projects that we are either sponsor or co-sponsor.

Project scope statement (PSS) status and plans
  • Need to keep a list of everything that we are planning to submit for the next ballot
  • Consideration should be given to reballot the BSeR FHIR IG
  • Need to follow up on possible FHIR expectation going forward that projects for ballot should be more complete and that ballots shouldn't be used to solicit feedback on incomplete work; i.e. no for comment ballots

Ballot and harmonization planning 
  • Craig will monitor harmonization emails and notify the work group
  • Harmonization has been focused on mainly vocabulary
  • For January:
    • Possibly V2 death reporting
    • BSeR
    • Possibly EHDI/CCHDI due to substantive conformance changes

Draft agenda for next WGM 
  • See template agenda for San Antonio for Jan 2019
  • MQ3 will remain an administrative kick off including review of M&C, DMP, and 3 Year Plan
  • Maintaining the usual splits and joins, as well as the wrap up for Thursday Q3 

Room request for next WGM
  • Craig Newman will submit the room requests- done
  • Will request a room every quarter starting Monday Q1
  • Will request 12-15 per room
  • MQ4- 15 

M&C/DMP/3 year plan
  • DMP- Just completed
  • M&C- Just completed  
  • 3 year Plan- Need to investigate what goes into the 3 year plan. need to contact Dave Hamill. Last reviewed two cycles ago in January.- done
  • Going forward every January we will review our M&C, DMP, and 3 Year Plan

New business

Action items

  •  Craig Newman will submit room requests

  •  Erin Holt will update conference call calendar

  •  Chairs need to reach out to respective project teams for status updates (See above)
  • Erin Holt to contact Dave Hamill about 3 year plan 

  •  Co-Chairs to follow up with FHIR regarding ballot process and expectations for FHIR IGs