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  • Vital Records to Normative

Discussion items

5 min

Welcome and introductions 

Laura Rappleye

85 minVital Records to Normative
Mead Walker
  • See attached presentation
  • Vital Records Death Report v2.6 Implementation guide has passed STU...planning to move material to normative.
  • Three tracks of work:
    • Addressing issues and defects arising from connect-a-thon feedback
    • Moving from MS Word to NIST IGAMT tool to generate the IG
    • Scope expansion to address feedback from Vital Records stakeholders that additional workflows were required
  • New flows are between:
    • Medical Officer and State Vital Records Office
    • Funeral Director and State Vital Records Office
  • Payload between the Medical Officer and Funeral Director and the State Vital Records Office is "light"
  • Is this a significant enough change that should require another STU instead of going normative? It seems like there is a significant expansion in scope that would not have been tested by an actual exchange between implementers.
    • Mead will discuss with Hetty.

Action items