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  • PH Hosting FHIR Infrastructure

Discussion items

5 min

Welcome and introductions 

  FMG UpdateEwout Kramer 
  •  There are several ballots normative and STU
    • The ballot schedules can be found here:
    • Normative timelines are tight, Public Health does not have any normative ballots
    • It is likely that the Terminology ballot will need to go back to ballot.  They making allowance for that possibility for Infrastructure and Observation as well

    • There is a tooling project to streamline the FHIR reconciliation.  JIRA is being tested and piloted.
    • PH has 133 open ballot items in tracker, need to make changes before the end of October.  The items can be deferred but the goal is to have all content updated by the end of October.
      • Should focus on the negative major first, there are 42 negative majors, some are from previous cycles
      • We will need to go through the general FHIR items with no owner and develop our plan.
    • Everything from version 2 was copied to GitHub to test.  It looks like we will be moving to GitHub
      • PH should be using Git to commit changes
      • Should start letting our FHIR folks going to Git
      • FMG will send out an e-mail regarding the move
      • Will need GitHub Ids
    • January meeting will be spent on what we are going to do for R5, we should be thinking about what PH wants in R5. 
    • Thursday's lunch in Constellation A/B will touch on the process for PSSs and new IGs and the expectations for tooling.

gForge 19531/15932/15936


  [#15931] Summary: ImmunizationRecommendation missing metadata to differentiate forecasting from order

Motion:  Not Persuasive

Mover/Seconder: For-Against-Abstain:

Craig Newman/John roberts: 10-0-0

 [#15932] Summary: ImmunizationRecommendation missing metadata to specify order details

Motion:  Not Persuasive

Mover/Seconder: For-Against-Abstain:

Craig Newman/John Roberts: 11-0-0 

 [#15936] Summary: ImmunizationRecommendation fails to address Immunization Orders or Recommendations to Patient

Motion:  Not Persuasive

Mover/Seconder: For-Against-Abstain:

Craig Newman/Jojhn Roberts: 10-0-0

Outstanding Items from FHIR Core 18293/18836

[#18293] Summary: Immunization date - consider potential use of an interval
Motion:  Persuasive with mod

Mover/Seconder: For-Against-Abstain:

 Craig Newman/John Roberts: 9-0-1

[#18836] Summary: Add Patient and relatedPerson to the refernce options. - STU #34

Motion:  Not persuasive

Mover/Seconder: For-Against-Abstain:

 Craig Newman/John Roberts: 10-0-0

Action items